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Anti-Aging Makeup & Skincare

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Anti-Aging Makeup!

We're all aware of the long-term benefits of a good skincare regimen but have you ever heard of makeup that reverses aging when used regularly?  All SeneGence makeup products, including the eyeshadows and mascara, contain a kinetic enzyme called SenePlex+ that increases cellular renewal up to 23.3%!  This is revolutionary!  I can personally vouch for them because I have experienced the results.  My skin has hardly aged at all since I began using it 8 years ago!  I have listed some of them below but you can see all the products by going to  All SeneGence products are returnable if you don't begin to see results within 30 days.  I hope you love them as much as I do!

 Experience It Yourself!

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SeneGence MakeSense Foundation is a scientifically advanced formula that has been proven to increase cellular renewal by 23.3%. Try it and see the results by going to:

SeneGence ShadowSense eye shadows are anti-aging!  That's pretty much unheard of!  They come in a creme-to-powder formulation in matte, shimmer, and glitter.  These shadows also contain the SenePlex+ kinetic enzyme that has been proven to turn back the clock.  They last all day until you're ready to take them off.  There are 28 shades in their permanent line and at least 40 limited edition shades at any time.  They are perfect for women who frequently like to change their look. Order it online at:


SeneGence Lip Line Corrector is a game-changer that keeps those pesky lip lines from deepening at a record pace!  The ingredients work hard to keep your upper lip area plump and firm.  The SenePlex+ kinetic enzyme is behind it's effectiveness by increasing cell renewal by 23.3%.  When added to your skincare regimen and used along with SeneGence LipSense Lip Colors and Oops! Remover your lips will also be hydrated with the essential hyaluronic acid that increases collagen production.  You can order it online at:

SeneGence LipSense is the product that exploded in the marketplace in 1999.  It was the beginning of an entire line of long-lasting cosmetics and revolutionary anti-aging skin care products.  It stays on for up to 18 hours or until you take it off.  There are currently 54 shades in their permanent line and 25 limited edition shades which are being added to all the time.  This amazing lip color doesn't smudge, smear or run so you won't leave it on your coffee cup or transfer it to your shirt collar whether you wear matte or  gloss. Get them all at:

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