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What is Style Coaching?

Style Coaching TM is a holistic combination of image consulting, personal styling, and life coaching that encourages people to "love the skin you're in" and "live your best life".

Style Coaches TM are trained by The Style Coaching TM Institute based in the United Kingdom and are found in many countries around the globe. Style Coaches TM, work at helping people to look and feel their best by showing them how to showcase their best features and by pointing out positive aspects they may be overlooking. As humans we are often our own worst enemies, being overly critical of ourselves and how we believe others view us. Sometimes we downplay our abilities to the point where we completely disregard our accomplishments and fail to see our own beauty. Style Coaches TM encourage people to love and accept the things they can't change and work on the things they can. They do this in a way that builds confidence and excitement in beginning a new journey of self-realization, self-acceptance, and love. It is a journey worth taking for anyone wishing to improve their image, their wardrobe, or the quality of their life in general. You never know what you might learn about yourself, or how you might feel after just a few sessions!

Bliss & Bling Blog: What Is Style Coaching?

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