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Be Spiritual, Not Material

I'll be the first person to admit I'm a shopaholic. My passion for fashion has put me in precarious "debtors hell" more often than not. Then I started getting migraines that just wouldn't quell. This was my wakeup call. My proverbial "aha". This was my do it or die.

You'd think growing up watching my mother's desperate attempts to avoid bill collectors as she struggled to put minimum down payments on credit cards would have curbed my materialistic ways, but my love of fashion took hold and it's grip on me wouldn't let go.

We live in a consumeristic world that encourages excess. It's very existence depends on human nature's thirst for never-ending "more". We want, we get, we want some more. We just can't get enough. There's always something new to buy. Something bigger. Something techier. Something "cooler" than before.

The problem with human nature is the very thing itself. We can't prevent ourselves from wanting, needing something more. We're never satisfied. Satiated. Full.

At some point in our lives though, we have to say whoa. I have to stop this. This has to slow. Surely I wasn't put here just to spend dough. There's so much more out there I would love to know. I want to see what else is out there. I want to breathe fresh air. I want to learn man's history. I want to learn to meditate. Do yoga. Who knows?

My quest for a more spiritual existence has ebbed and flowed. I flip back and forth from wanting serenity to craving clothes. Is there a happy medium? Can I have both? Human nature being what it is tells me no. I have to keep wanting. It's just in my bones.

So while I crave tranquility, I see another blouse. Take a deep breath, girl. Okay, let it go. Let go of the wanting. Feel the need slow. Another deep breath now. Aaand let it go. Don't you feel better now? Of course you do.


Bliss & Bling Blog: Be Spiritual, Not Material

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