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Vibrational Excellence

Believe it or not, you are vibrating energy. Just like an electrical cord, you are a conductor of energy. And just like electricity, you are unable to see it. You just know it is there.

We are vibrating energy equal to the feelings within us. The level of feeling within us at any given moment determines the level of energy or frequency at which we vibrate. The type of feelings within us also determine our frequency level.

Feelings of love and gratitude are powerful vibrations. They make us want to give to others and be thankful. They help us to be selfless and more accepting of others. The power of love in it's purest form is unconditional. It's nature is excellence. Vibrational excellence.

Feelings of hatred and jealousy are low level vibrations. They make us feel inadequate and small. They cause us to behave in ways that are unhelpful to others. They make us feel worse than before.

What a lot of people don't realize is we are all part of the same creative force. Part of, not apart from, the same energy that created us. We are interconnected with the creative forces in the universe and those forces are based in love. Love is the great "Creator" of all things.

Hatred separates us from the Creator. Hatred prevents good things from reaching us. Jealousy sends a message to the Creator that we don't believe we can receive what the other person has. And the Creator always says yes. Whatever you send out there, the Creator agrees with.

If good things aren't coming to you, work on your vibrational frequency. Change every negative thought to a positive. Start caring about someone you dislike. Change your perspective on life. Feel compassionate towards someone who has lost your respect. Stop hating. Start loving. Be happy for another's accomplishments, knowing it will happen to you. Raise your vibrational frequency out of despair to a higher level of happiness, contentment, and love. Creative love. Unselfish love. Unconditional love.

Now experience vibrational excellence!

Bliss & Bling Blog: Vibrational Excellence

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