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Big on Boho

I never thought I'd see them again. At least, not in my lifetime. But here they are back, bigger than life.

I last saw them in the '60's on what they used to call "hippies", but really they were on everyone. "Peasant" blouses, poncho's and fringe, bell bottoms and pallazzo's, platforms, and suede.

Well now we don't say "peasant", that's just not acceptable. And "hippies", well back then they ruled but saying that now isn't "cool". Don't try to say "poncho". It just isn't macho, though macho is almost a sin. Now it's a "wrap". Don't forget that. Fringe has come in and it's ok again, though stylists use that word for bangs. "Bell Bottoms" are flares and wide-legs, and jeans. You can still call the wide ones pallazzo's. I still hear the term "platforms" but that's mostly in train stations, and we still call the other ones "wedges".

I'm definitely aging, trying not to be lazy by using those old terms again. But it's such a hassle to keep up with what's passable, and quite frankly my memory's becoming quite grim!

If you want to make an impression and show you know fashion, remember this one little tip. Go along with the barter that makes you sound smarter and call it "Bohemian Chic"!

Bliss & Bling Blog: Big On Boho

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