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Non-Toxic Tresses

We live in a very polluted world where we are constantly bombarded with toxins. There are gas fumes and jet streams and refinery rows. It's overwhelming for our hair, as well as our skin because hair is quite porous and takes everything in. Sometimes when I get home my hair smells of smoke or gasoline and I often have to wash it again.

It's not just what's out there that is bad for your hair, however. There are toxins in hair products as well. There are parabens and PEG's, butyl and benzyl, sodium laureth sulfate, and alcohol.

So how do we prevent our tresses from becoming a toxic wasteland? By detoxing as much as we can.

Your local health store is your hair's BFF. There you will find natural shampoos and conditioners, detoxifiers and relaxants, leave-in conditioners and defrizzers. They have natural hair colour as well, which I love because I really don't like colouring my hair with ammonia. It just doesn't belong in my hair!

You will find the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep app very helpful when searching for natural hair products, as well. They will give you the goods on safe hair care products and the ones to avoid at all costs.

Bliss & Bling Blog: Non-Toxic Tresses

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