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Living An Authentic Life

Are you living your life authentically? What does that really mean?

Living life authentically means you are being true to yourself. You are being the person on the outside that reflects who are are inside. You are expressing your true feelings and beliefs in everything you do. This is not being selfish, it is being honest.

The reason you want to live an authentic life is because you want your life to be fulfilling. Being someone you're not is fulfilling someone else's expectations. It's making someone else happy and negating yourself. This leaves you feeling empty and if it becomes frequent, you lose touch with your true self.

Normally, we behave outwardly the way we feel inwardly. This is natural. It flows easily. It is a true expression of our being. Trying to be anything other than that is convoluted. Distorted. It creates an imbalance in our psyche. This is not a healthy way to be.

If you find you have a tendency to behave differently than you feel inwardly, begin to ask yourself why. Who are you doing this for? What is your goal? Are you afraid they won't like you if you reveal your true nature? What would happen if you did what you wanted to, rather than what everyone else did? Would all hell break loose? Would life as you know it change completely?

The problem with living unauthentically is eventually something will break. Your will, your nerve, your patience, your mental state. It won't last forever. It can't. Because it's not natural. We all know what happens in nature when something is out of sync. There is a correction. A force of action that makes a change in a blink.

When you begin to live authentically everything changes for the better. It's rejuvenating. Stress-reducing. Relaxing. Relieving. Speaking and behaving authentically is so freeing because you don't have to remember what you have said or done in front of others. It won't become an object of contention or question at some point in the future. And the best thing is you are being true to your own nature, not a representation of someone else.

So let yourself be you! The special, wonderful person who is the real, authentic you!

Bliss & Bling Blog: Living An Authentic Life

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