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Blow Off The Burnout

Many people today are experiencing burnout. Some people have had it more than once. If you get it once, you are more susceptible to it again so the trick is to never let it rear it's ugly head.

The thing about burnout is it's not easy to detect. You typically don't see it coming, then one day it hits. When it does it's so overwhelming you don't have the energy to fight it. That's why it's so crucial to take steps to prevent it from ever happening.

These are the triggers you should be aware of:

1. Not sleeping enough.

Lack of sleep will compound on you until you reach the point where you're tired but can't fall asleep. Then you're really in trouble because that's exactly what you need!

2. You're doing too much!

Particularly in the workplace, you may be doing too much. You're doing most of the work and everyone else is taking advantage of it. Pretty soon you're so exhausted you can't even do the little things. Then they become mountains and you're the one who is blamed.

3. Not taking breaks.

Your workload is escalating so you eat at your desk. You can't get enough done, so you stay a little late. Next you come back after dinner and stay until midnight. Your whole life is spent working and you've given up your weekends.

4. There isn't any "me" time.

Your whole life is centered around your spouse and your kids. There are so many obligations and so little time left. Soon your spouse is resentful because you're too tired for sex.

5. You're afraid to take a vacation.

Other people want your job so you don't dare take time off. And what if they make a mistake and you're blamed for it when you get back? Of course everyone else takes vacation, and you have to cover off.

You are neglecting yourself to the point where you drop. This is unhealthy. Your body will force you to stop. So here are some pointers for preventing the cycle. I hope you find them helpful and implement them before it's too late. Remember, once you get burnout, it comes back twice as fast!

1. Get 8 hours sleep. Your body needs it to regenerate.

2. Stop being so efficient. Take a step back and allow others to contribute.

3. Take all of your breaks. Coffee breaks, lunch breaks, everything. Get out of the workplace and breathe.

4. Slot in some time just for you every day. You're just as important as everyone else. Shut out the world for a few minutes. Do a lunch-hour course. Go to yoga. Meet a friend. Whatever you do, it must fulfill only your interests. Thinking about work is not allowed.

5. Take that vacation. In fact, take two. Once every six months, if possible. Your job will be there when you get back, so don't worry.

And lastly, remember Namaste. And breathe.

Bliss & Bling Blog: Blow Off The Burnout

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