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The Easter Bonnet That's Not

Easter used to be the time to wear bonnets, and were often a staple in church. Times have changed, though and if you've never worn one, you really should get one! They're a huge trend again this year and a great addition to your wardrobe. Hats are not just for warmth, nor are they restricted to weddings or the Kentucky Derby. They are really great for street wear if you know how to wear them. Hats draw attention to your face and are an extension of your personality. They can really boost your confidence and give your outfit a lift.

Trying on hats should be fun! Approach it like a game. See how many different shapes and styles you look great in! How many different shades and hues suit your skin tone? How many new outfits can you create with them? The possibilities are unlimited!

If your face shape is oval, you will look great in everything. If your face shape is round, try an asymmetrical style. You can wear large hats placed at an angle. If your face is long and thin, a broad brim will draw it up and make it seem wider. Heart shaped faces can wear close-fitting berets, sailors, and turbans. A rather square face with sharp angles can wear the same styles as round; at a slant, tilted or asymmetrical. Mature people always look chic in swept-up hat styles.

In this day and age fashion trends are often rule-breakers, so go with whatever works for you and your unique personality. Look in the mirror and make note of the styles that cause your eyes to pop. Are you petite? Which ones make you taller? Are you curvy? Which hats showcase your figure? Is your complexion sallow? Try hues that are brighter. Step it up. Play it up. Make it fun!

Get out there and show everyone how it's done!

Bliss & Bling Blog: Easter Is About The Bonnet, or Not

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