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Fall Fashion Fabulous

Now that fall is well on it's way, it's time to start searching for warmer, bulkier (ugh) clothing. Although we do have to start adding on layers this time of year, that doesn't mean we have to look frumpy. If you haven't had time to go shopping don't despair. I've done all the research for you right here.

Let's start with fall's colour trends. If you're short on funds, you can add these colours to your wardrobe with scarves, hats, and jewellery, or inexpensive t-shirts and tops from Winners or Wal-mart (George).

The Pantone Colour of the Year is "Marsala", a beautifully rich shade of burgundy. You've probably seen it everywhere, in everything. Watches and earrings, skinny-leg jeans and t-shirts, floppy hats and berets, suede shoes and boots. And, of course, it's in everything "Boho". I've seen it everywhere from Wal-mart to Michael Kors. The great thing about burgundy is it reappears every winter in one form or another so you can never go wrong adding it to your wardrobe. This year Calvin Klein paired it in rich hues with black in his collection of patchwork leather coats, moto jackets and skirts. It's stunning.

Pantone have recently introduced another colour this fall; "Oak Buff". It's basically mustard yellow. Not everyone can wear this shade so some designers have modified it to more of a golden tone. You will see it in skinny jeans, dress pants, sweaters and handbags.

And then there's "Winter White". Ralph Lauren's Pre-Fall 2015 Collection showcased winter white by adding caramel accessories as a contrast in fringed handbags, wool trench coats, turtlenecks, and wraps. It's a beautiful collection you won't want to miss.

Black and white is still with us as Michael Kors showed us in his fall collection of polka dot and striped dresses, floral skirts and two-piece dress suits. Black and white is our Best Friend Forever.

There's a resurgence of grey again this fall in Michael Kors halter and A-line dresses and skirts and in other less expensive brands like Dex. I've seen it at Forever 21, H&M, and Winners as well. Grey is a great neutral to keep around throughout the year as it's doable right up till spring.

Something I should mention about this year's trend in fashion is that the '70's are back in full swing. If you haven't already noticed, those flares you thought went out last year are right back on trend again. Everything '70's, from fringed handbags to shirt dresses, platforms and peasant blouses are unbelievably huge once again. I'm even seeing "pussy-bow" blouses and skinny scarves, extra wide chokers and extra long chains. It's amazing to be part of that again.

Changing up your makeup to match your fall wardrobe is going to be easy this year, especially if you typically wear neutrals. The two key makeup and nail colours we're seeing are burgundy and nude so stock up on these and you won't go wrong. Bright red lips are huge at the moment, and so is berry. Nude lips like J. Lo's are great during the day, but brighten them up after dinner. The matte look is trending but gloss is still the favourite lip texture for many. I always use Jane Iredale or Bare Minerals so I don't have to worry about lead. For eye colour, I love Jane Iredale's Eye Shadow Trio's in Triple Cognac, Brown Sugar, and Khaki Kraze. These collections all work well for fall. As for nail colour, I gravitate towards anything non-toxic like Spa Rituals. They have a huge range of shades from pastels to bold. Try "Stilleto", "Devil Inside", or "Drop Dead Gorgeous" to pull together all that marsala you'll be rocking.

Now, personally, I really love colour. Bright, bold, beautiful colour like emerald and turquoise and teal. I'm still going to wear it, regardless of the weather, because I like to dress the way I feel. So if you're like me and despise black and grey, add a pop of colour to your outfit and notice how it makes you feel. I guarantee it will chase those grey winter blues away!

Bliss & Bling Blog: Fall Fashion Fabulous

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