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Develop Your Style!

Developing your own sense of style is something Style Coaches TM encourage. You don't want to be a carbon copy of someone else because each person is unique in so many ways. The way you dress is an expression of who you are as a person. You may be artistic and fall into the "Creative" style personality profile. This style personality loves to mix and match patterns and colour and express themselves artistically in the way they dress. Or you may be down-to-earth and prefer a "Natural" style of dress, incorporating neutral pieces made with organic fabrics that have an "eco-friendly" basis. Then there are the "Dramatic" style personalities who gravitate towards anything big, bold and bright. They're not afraid to wear colour and love to stand out. A reserved person might want a "Classic" wardrobe style, whereas a soft-spoken person may want "Romantic" styles made of silk, cashmere and lace.

Style Coaches TM also realize that not everyone falls neatly into rigid style categories. Some people like more than one of the above and others want to create something completely different and unique by incorporating several different elements of style into their wardrobe. This is an exciting approach because it enables you to be someone different every day. Whatever your mood or penchant, you will find items in your closet that suit it.

Then there are those who follow the trends. They'll wear the "latest" anything, as long as it's "in". They are big spenders and shoppers and celebrity followers. They want what the "stars" have but prefer to be the first. They've got every season's "it" bag and the latest length of skirt. They are "fashion authorities" and know how to flaunt them.

To find your own unique sense of style, think about the things that excite you and bring them into your wardrobe. If you love to attend festivals, add some bohemian chic, such as handbags with fringe or jewellery with layers of beads. Try gypsy-style maxi dresses or patterned tunics and pallazzo pants. Make them your everyday street style to wear shopping or out with friends. If you love to travel to particular countries or cultures, incorporate pieces that give you the same look or feel. Since I began traveling to Mexico, I have added some Mexican flair to my wardrobe by incorporating bold colours and symbols that remind me of the vibrancy of their culture.

The things you do and places you visit are very much a part of what makes you unique so use them to inspire you to create a wardrobe that totally resonates YOU!

Bliss & Bling Blog: Develop Your Style!

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