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Will Yourself Well

Most of us can trigger our will. Especially when we really want something. That beautiful new home. The vacation in the Bahamas. It's amazing how our minds spring into action. Where we often fall short, though, is willing ourselves well. We spend a lot of time and energy focusing on things we want materially, yet neglect our own personal well-being.

When we get sick our focus suddenly shifts, but not willingly. We are forced into it by our poor abused bodies. I know mine says, "Stop what you're doing and take care of me!" Once again, it's the proverbial "wake-up call".

But once we're better again we forget all about ourselves. There is work to do and children to get off to school. There are mortgage payments and travel arrangements. Parent/teacher interviews and babysitters. Who has the time to even think about it?

Our personal well-being is a lot more important than we realize because everything in our lives depends on it. In order to function well in our jobs and relationships, our health has to be up to snuff. We are constantly bombarded by the expectations placed upon us, as well as expectations we place on ourselves.

So how do you maintain a state of wellness then? Can it be done without taking too much time? My answer to this is to apply the same principles you do when you expect to get things that you want.

1. Expect to be well. The same way you expect to get that house or the cruise. You just know you will have it. You can't lose.

2. Visualize yourself healthy. The same way you see yourself living in that house, imagine yourself functioning at your peak.

3. Feel healthy inwardly. Really feel energized, the way a healthy person is supposed to feel.

4. Act like you're healthy. Enter marathons. Take those hikes. Don't take elevators. Use the stairs. You can do it. You're a machine.

Mind over matter applies to everything from your finances to your relationships to your health. Your attitude has been proven to affect your body the same way it affects every other aspect of your life. If you're generally unwell there's an imbalance somewhere and it starts with the state of your mind. Make an effort to change the way you look at things. Be positive and see how it reflects back on your life.

Expect. Visualize. Feel. Act. You're well on your way to great health!

Bliss & Bling Blog: Will Yourself Well

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