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New Year, New Attitude

Every New Year it's the same story. I wish for a year that brings better results than before. Better than what, I'm not sure. Better financial prospects? Sure. A better life? What is that? What does that really entail?

Maybe what I really want is to feel like I "have it all". But what exactly is "all"? It's different for everyone. And once you've achieved one perceived "success", you want another. Then another. It never ends. You never really feel like you're actually "there".

I think a great indicator that success has been achieved is when you're completely satisfied with the way your life is right now. When you appreciate everything you have right at this moment, anything additional you receive is a bonus. Receiving more, of course is quite nice, but it's not necessary for a true sense of success.

In pursuit of the feeling of success that equates to happiness, a lot of people have the misguided belief that it is something completely outside of themselves. Something greater, more expensive, or more status-oriented. Like the people who feel they have to buy more expensive houses every five years and never pay off their mortgages. Or the "professional students" who spend most of their lives in university and never obtain meaningful employment. I can tell you right now, it's just not worthwhile. Because as I said earlier, there's no end to it.

So, I've decided to approach this New Year a little differently. I'm going to appreciate my life just the way it is. Feel like I already have everything. Let go of previous years' yearnings. Replace every negative with a positive. Like the "Who's" in "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas", I'll prove it's not just about the material things. Dr. Suess knew a thing or two about what success really is. The happy state that comes from appreciating the little things, and everything about your life today.


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