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Introducing Greige

There's a new shade in town and it hasn't been around.

Until now.

It isn't beige. Don't call it grey. The official term is "Greige".

You saw a close relation to it in the 1980's. Back then it was more like muted lilac. Now it's a close relation to that with a little bit of beige added to it. The great thing about this new-fangled shade is that everyone can wear it. The combination of a cool shade (grey) and a warm shade (beige) means it complements every skin tone. It's genius!

So what (you are wondering) in the world am I going to wear that will complement it? Read on and I'll give you a few ideas about it.

How About Black?

Of course! It's a no-brainer. Everyone wears it throughout every season, and some people eat, sleep and play in it. Black paired with Greige really looks suave. This combo is sure to go viral!

Grey on Greige.

It's a natural choice. Almost Boho-ish, don't you think? Very soft. Completely neutral. Ethereal.

Beige on Greige. They are already doing it. There is already beige within it so it's going to bring it out if you can't see it.

Think Pink. Seriously! You can really be seen in it. The "it" shade this season is "Rose Quartz", after all so definitely do Greige with it. I am certain you'll like the results you see.

Purple is Wonderful. Another great combo. It will bring out the cool tones more. Try this jewel-tone and see what a "POP" you get!

Chocolate Anyone? Believe it or not, a chocolate shade of brown can be combined with Greige to bring out the warmth of the beige in it.

Get Crazy with Navy. It was done in the '80's paired with that muted-out lilac shade so definitely don't hesitate to go this way.

White Is Alright. Summer is almost here. The temperatures are going to soar. White and Greige will look svelte and keep you cooler. I guarantee it.

There you have it! Why not try it? Greige might just be the new neutral you can't live without!

Bliss & Bling Blog: Introducing Greige

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