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Rock The Stripe Trend

If you're a fan of stripes there's no better time than now to wear them. They have gone from your classic staple to the latest pattern to pair with everything. Ralph Lauren has been using stripes for eons, and still is, but now we're seeing them paired with things we previously frowned upon and would NEVER consider putting on! I'm talking about paisleys and plaids, florals and motifs, blotches and graphics and, yes, even animal prints. Trust me when I say nothing today is considered inappropriate to wear with them.

The great thing about stripes is they're perfect for elongating your body and adding width to your frame if you happen to be physically challenged that way. Vertical stripes visually lengthen your body to give you more height. Horizontal stripes worn on top add more width to the chest. Below the waist horizontal stripes add curvature to small bottoms and balance out the lower half of an inverted triangular body (larger on top).

The width of stripes can brilliantly do the very same thing. Wide stripes add width and fine stripes reduce. Diagonal stripes are wonderful for sending eyes off in different directions, away from areas you'd like others to lose sight of! They also add interest to areas where previously there was none.

Stripes are ingenious for creating one-of-a-kind outfits when paired with completely different patterns. Together they become artistic. Amazingly individualistic. Creative eclectic illusion! The number of different pattern and outfit combinations you can create with stripes are limitless. The only rule of thumb is to use different sizes and densities of pattern so one doesn't cancel out the other(s).

Are you bold enough to wear stripes with a variety of different patterns? Or colours? Or textures? Go on then! Get innovating! I guarantee the results will be riveting!

Bliss and Bling Blog: Rock the Stripe Trend

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