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Get Into Rose Gold

In the cyclical world of fashion where we see trends from 20 or 30 years ago come back around again it's refreshing to see something completely new come in vogue. Rose gold is just what we've been waiting for. It showed up a few years ago right out of the blue and has since become widely embraced by the retail world. I love it because it's that type of shade that goes with so many others and can be found in a variety of products.

If your wardrobe or look is in need of a boost, rose gold might just be the ticket to do it.


Rose gold can be found in so many different types of jewellery today. Earrings, necklaces, chokers, rings, bracelets, watches, you name it. You can't go into a department or jewellery store without finding it. There really is no excuse not to buy it. And the beauty of it is it can be mixed and matched with other metals like yellow gold, silver and platinum. Even brass. I've seen it paired with everything and it looks really amazing.


Metallic belts have been trendy for awhile now and rose gold is really stepping it up a notch in a belt. Find them in trendier boutiques like Le Chateau and BCBG MaxAzria. Add some rose gold jewellery and you're good to go!


Metallic shoes are another huge trend now so expect to see rose gold along with silver and yellow gold. You can find it in pointed pumps, sandals and flip flops. You will also see ornamental shoe brooches in rose gold added to sandals, and rose gold plating on sneakers and loafers. Such a great way to pump up your shoe game! It's a win win!


All the latest palettes contain rose gold in one shade or another, depending on your skintone. Or you can create your own rose gold shade by combining several different colours together. Try mixing light pink and gold eye shadow or pink and bronze highlighter. Add bronze to your usual blush colour and see what it doesn't do. You'll be the envy of every makeup guru!

Hair Colour

I'm seeing more and more women sporting rose gold hair lately. It's true. Their hair colour techs are genius for coming up with this new hue. It's beautiful!


Brides-to-be are always searching for the trendiest colours to make their event stand out from the others. Rose gold is the perfect choice to achieve that this year. It's easy to find this shade in everything they need, from tiaras to gowns, shoes, accessories, etc. They can use it in their invitations and add it to their tables. You can find the shade in foil decorations everywhere. It's beautiful paired with other colours like cobalt blue, pastel pink and sienna. It works with floral patterns in pink, peach and mint. Spring, summer or fall, it's an appropriate choice for all.

Wardrobe Pairings

What do you pair rose gold with in your closet? Try combining it with brights like cobalt, emerald and teal. Or soften the look with pastels of pink, mint and coral. Use it with peach for a monochromatic head-to-toe visual. Try it with colours you never thought would go.

You'll be surprised at the effect it has on you!

Bliss & Bling Blog: Get Into Rose Gold

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