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The Fringe Is On Trend

If you're looking to change up your hairstyle this season, fringe (or bangs as some people term them) is something you may want to consider. Fringe is a huge trend at the moment and it's not just reserved for the celebrity set.

Your hairstylist can advise you which fringe style flatters you best, or you can refer to the tips outlined below.


People with oval faces are really quite blessed because they can wear any fringe style without worrying whether it's flattering. Textured ends will give this face shape a little more edge, or a straight fringe will bring out eyes that are deep set. A full fringe will give one a more youthful appearance, while wispy ones will flatter delicate features.


Long or narrow face shapes call for shortening and broadening. To draw the face upwards and broaden each side, try a straight-cut fringe that is relatively full. A side swept fringe will draw attention to your cheekbones, if that is what you are going for, as long as it is kept short. Keep the entire length of your hair above the chin and this will really work wonders.


For fuller, rounder facial dimensions, a side swept fringe is the best choice. This draws the eye away from the width of the cheeks and puts the focus instead up towards the forehead. This face shape benefits from the creation of angles so texturizing the ends achieves this quite nicely. Keep the length of your hair long, below the chin, to draw the eyes downward, creating the illusion of a longer face.


A long side-swept fringe is also ideal for the heart-shaped face. This draws the eyes downward, away from the wide forehead. As this face shape needs more width in the chin area, hairstylists will recommend styles that give a fuller appearance to the bottom portion, using waves or curls right next to the sharply angled chin. This translates to less fullness at the forehead, hence the straighter, finer fringe that is kept long.


The "square" face shape isn't really square per se. It just appears to be slightly angular at each corner. Hairstylists will attempt to soften the angles by creating soft waves or curls. A side-swept fringe adds curvature to the forehead area, particularly if it is wavy. People with angular facial features are encouraged to wear their hair long to visually lengthen the face, so a long side-swept wavy fringe does just the trick.

Did I mention fringe can take years off your face? Well, come on then! There's no reason not to let your stylist get to work!

Bliss & Bling Blog:  Big On Bangs

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