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Draping is Back In

Draping is the new thing. Well, not really. It's back again. It's more or less a circular thing, like fashion that keeps on returning. It's not something you do with fabric, although it is done now and again. Draping is a makeup technique and it's being used on all the runways this spring.

We've been through all the other techniques, like highlighting and contouring and strobing. I think of it as a combination of highlighting and dramatizing. Draping is not for shy types, or minimalistic no-makeup gurus. Draping is for bold people who aren't afraid to flaunt new trends.

Very simply, it's a wrap-around technique you use with blush to highlight the cheek and orbital area (eyes). It is useful for creating high cheekbones if you're lacking in that area. Just dab a little blush on the apples of your cheeks and move upwards in a "C" formation around the temples. The idea is to enhance your cheekbones and highlight the widest part of the facial area. Now take a second, clean brush and blend the entire area well to eliminate any choppiness.

If you really want a professional look, add another shade of blush just in front of each apple area. Blend, blend, blend with your clean brush, into the starting point of the first colour. This creates even more drama and adds a unique effect for evening.

An optional part of this technique is to apply blush on the lids of your eyes as well. Blush is often used as an eyeshadow by makeup artists and looks amazing on people with green eyes. Blend well with your second brush into the temple area to eliminate any choppiness there as well.

If you have a creative or dramatic style personality, you will embrace this technique wholeheartedly. If you are not that adventurous, tone it down by using pastel shades. The effect will be quite lovely and you won't be afraid to leave the house!

Bliss & Bling Blog: Draping Is Back In

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