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Spring 2017 Trend Report

Spring is probably the farthest thing from your mind right now, what with all the snow storms in the east and the seemingly never-ending rainfall on the west coast but, trust me, it will soon be upon us and we will be shedding all those layers of wool and down before we know it. So in the spirit of sunnier days to come, let's focus our attention on more spring-like wardrobe wear, like pastels and florals and the latest in trends for Spring 2017. In the coming months, expect to see these:

1. Bright, bold color-blocking patterns again, but with red added to the mix.

2. Wide horizontal stripes on midi and maxi pencil dresses.

3. Vertical stripes on cropped, cuffed boyfriend-style pants and deconstructed, asymmetrical tops.

4. The cap sleeve is back and it's on almost every dress and top.

5. A floral resurgence in flowy casual gowns and in patches on jean jackets and bombers.

6. Watch for dense floral patterns on trench coats as well.

7. Dress coats are taking on a 1950's vibe with large flared skirts and 3/4 length cuffed sleeves.

8. Sailor pants are huge and will be coming to a boutique near you so get yourself a white pair and wear them everywhere!

9. Asymmetrical fashion is the trendiest trend this year. Watch for it in skirt sets and pant suits, or create it yourself by buttoning your button-downs off kilter!

10. Barely there fashion will be the hot summer ration in dresses with tulle paneling and lace pants that leave nothing to the imagination!

11. Satin is going to be the order of the day in wide-leg pants, camisoles, and slips worn as dresses again.

12. The rocker style is back in black leather, however will not be limited to jackets. This spring wear it in short shorts, cowboy hats, skinny ties and chokers to make the most of this trend while it's still here.

13. Extra large lapels and billowy sleeves will be paired together in cape-like cropped jackets and dress coats. It's really quite romantic, almost like the French Renaissance, don't you think?

14. Sleeves will be exceptionally long again, with cuffs extending well past the finger ends. Just don't wear them to dinner or they'll become part of your meal!

15. Ruffles, ruffles, and more ruffles. They're all over the place this spring, on collars close to the neck and everything with a hem.

16. Off-shoulder, cold-shoulder, wide-open protruding shoulder. You can wear it right now if you like. Just layer it over a blouse to stay warm until spring finally comes!

17. Think pink. The palest pastel pink. It is the color for Spring 2017.

Bliss & Bling Blog: Spring 2017 Trend Report

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