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What's Trending Now: Chroming

Applying makeup has definitely not been a simple process lately, with all the strobing and highlighting and contouring techniques we've been bombarded with. It seems just as we get one perfected, another has to be learned and mastered! Well, finally a makeup artist officianado has brainstormed a simple technique that doesn't require a trip to your local Sephora or Ulta Beauty store to learn the technique, nor does it require a variety of products to get it to look just right.

The technique is called "chroming" and the idea popped into the head of makeup artist, Dominic Skinner while he was admiring the chrome finish on the vehicles he saw passing by one day. Being the artist he is, he knew in an instant he wanted to duplicate the same effect on someone's face.

The beauty of it is that you only need one single makeup product. Frosted lipstick. That's it! That's all you'll need to get that pronounced shimmering water-like effect.

Basically, you just go through your regular morning routine of cleansing and moisturizing and concealing dark areas, and glide on your illuminator if you wish so it doesn't go to waste. Now choose a tube of frosted lipstick that complements your skintone and draw a straight line, starting at your temple, across your cheekbone to the middle of the apple of your cheek. Use your fingers, or a contour brush, and blend, blend, blend.

The effect should be a reflective, metal-like shine similar to a mirror. Apply a little more frosted lipstick if you don't see it right away.

Professional makeup artists will also contour (darken) the area of the cheek just below the cheekbone to create a more pronounced contrast next to the chromed cheekbone. This ensures the look stands out under the bright lights of the stage.

Chroming will likely be embraced by you if you're a woman who hasn't got time to lose in the morning, or if you're on a limited budget. With the quick flick of a wrist and finger blending you'll be on your way with minimum fussing. And . . .

Your cheeks will shine so bright your friends will have to wear shades!

Bliss and Bling Blog: What's Trending Now: Chroming

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