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Embroidery Is Having It's Day

I can't even remember the last time I saw embroidery on anything, save my great grandmother's handkerchiefs and doilies. I learned how to embroider back in the dinosaur age but never did use the skill for anything in particular. Remember those iron-on patches they briefly used in the '70's? I remotely remember my mother buying them. Now there's a faded memory!

Who would have thought embroidery would come in vogue in such a big way? It was typically a culturally artistic form of expression found on traditional costumes in Mexico and the Slavic countries.

Until today.

Embroidery done skillfully is a really beautiful thing. As someone who is drawn to colour, I've always loved the cheerful vibe it exudes. Am I ready to rock it? Sure, why not? I've worn everything else by now!

If you're wondering where to find it, you won't have to look far. It's on everything everywhere right now and if it's not, you can buy those iron-on patches again and attach it yourself!

Bliss and Bling Blog: Embroidery Is Having It's Day

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