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Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Frequently I hear mature women speak about feeling "invisible". I read it on social media and overhear it in boutique fitting rooms. Women over 50 in particular complain about this and I feel their pain whenever I am privy to it. What causes women to feel so unworthy and insignificant after a certain age? Is there anything one can do to feel alive and relevant again?

In today's global world it's not surprising so many women feel this way. The Internet has significantly broadened our perspectives and made us aware how youth-driven society is. Women feel pressured to maintain a youthful appearance as long as possible. How do you "love the skin you're in" in a social environment that idolizes perfect bodies and flawless complexions rather than life experience and accomplishment? How can one feel even remotely significant in such a superficial global environment?

Women feel invisible for a variety of other reasons too. Negative social conditioning within families, weight gain, and age discrimination in the workplace are just a few. Low self-esteem has a role to play as well but in spite of all this there are things you can do to tune everything out, feel good about yourself, and become more socially relevant.

Get Out Of Your Self-Imposed Wardrobe Box!

You know what I mean. The one you put yourself in! I'm aware how difficult it might be, but restricting yourself only to "age-appropriate" clothing is obviously not working for you. Try wearing something completely different for a change. Something unique. What do you have to lose? Nothing at all, really! Why not step into a "younger person's" boutique you've never set foot in before? Try some bold new colours you've previously never worn. You will soon see how rejuvenating it feels to see yourself in something completely new!

Get a new Do!

Some women wear the same hairstyle their entire lives; or for several decades. Some claim it's their "signature" style. Others say it's "classic" to divert people from their obvious complacency. Unfortunately, it's the reason you fade to black. People tend not to notice you because it's what you've always had. Why not shake things up a bit? Get the latest hairstyle magazine or do some surfing through Pinterest. If you've always worn it short, try growing it out a bit. Never gone short? Try cutting it. It's amazing how a new hairstyle can give you a lift! A good stylist can recommend a style that perfectly suits the shape of your face so don't be afraid to try something completely new and follow her advice!

Get a Makeup Makeover!

This is another way women find themselves in a rut. They have used the same products and techniques since they first learned how to put it on! The problem is they have aged and products don't have the same effect. Why not book an appointment with a makeup artist and learn some new techniques? Or visit your local department store makeup counter and get some free advice. It's worth the time it will take to learn some new techniques that work for you right now, and it will give your face a whole new appearance that is sure to turn heads!


Even if you're not the type. If you've become a bit of a hermit, try expanding your social network. One of the best ways to feel significant is to contribute to a group. You can volunteer for a charity organization. Join a "Meetup" group. There are dining clubs. Toastmasters. Fabulous 50's clubs. Recreational groups. Maybe there's something you've always been interested in doing. It might be a group you once considered joining long before life happened. Do it now. Take a chance. You might hit on something big! Who knows? Maybe it will be life changing and you'll be really glad you did!

Sometimes all you need to do to feel visible is do something different. Others will notice the change in you and that alone can make you feel significant! Be sure to check out my Pinterest page, Bliss & Bling: Styling Youthfully, for some great incentive to creative a youthful wardrobe that reflects your new youthful lifestyle!

Bliss and Bling Blog: Feeling Visible After 50

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