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The Football Sleeve

With all the talk about the 1980's being the absolute worst fashion decade, I can't believe what I am seeing for Fall 2017.

The "football sleeve".

This isn't what it was called back then but like every other circular trend, it has been rebranded.

You probably recognize this sleeve trend from your parent's wedding album. Those slim-fitting sleeves that poofed out around the shoulders. Big time. Only now they are going to be appearing on your favourite crops and tees.

To eliminate the shock factor I'm sure, the design houses seem to be transitioning towards them in stages. The first stage consisted of the fluted sleeve we saw last year on Melania Trump. To this they've added ruffles, which I've noticed are becoming fuller (i.e. Club Monaco). They are not in satin now (thank goodness!); they are on our casual shirts and sweaters.

So how should someone style them so they don't feel overwhelming? By dressing them down, of course! With jeans and shorts, denim skirts and skorts, wide-leg pants to balance the width out over the body. If you're the shy type, stick with lighter fabric colours, like pastels to lessen the "all eyes on you" effect. More dramatic personalities won't be affected by this trend and will probably embrace it. Classic, more reserved people will likely want to avoid this trend altogether, however they can still feel comfortable wearing it by choosing navy or more traditional patterned fabric such as jacquards, plaids or checks. People who prefer a more natural look can simply choose them in white or organic cotton. Free People is a great brand for them as their clothing is trendy but has a boho feel. Creative types will run with this trend and pair them with everything that suits their fancy!

What are you going to do? Will you go "back to the future" and be seen in the football sleeve?

Bliss & Bling Blog: The Football Sleeve

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