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Fall 2017 Trend Report

If I were asked to describe the Fall 2017 runways in three words, I would say "richness", "silver" and "fluff".

The richness was evident in the depth of the colours. Deeper burgundies, teals, oranges and reds than I'd ever noticed in previous years.

Silver was a colour I was surprised to see so much of. It's not typically a metallic that transcends into winter.

And fluff, well that's another thing entirely.

Are you afraid now? Don't be. It's really not as bad as it sounds. (Well, hopefully.) Here's what you can expect to see shortly.


Lots of rich reds, oranges and yellows in both solid and patterned fabrics in dresses of every style and length. A particular theme of note this year is folklore. We'll see it in the form of patchwork and country-inspired scenes and again in bohemian chic.

Red roses will be prominent, clearly the flower of choice this fall. They will be splashed all over pantsuits, jumpsuits, dresses and overcoats in various densities throughout the outfits.

Richness of colour will be prevalent in separates like thick cable-knit sweaters. Very similar to the ones your great-grandmother used to make, you'll recognize them right off the bat. Deep burgundy, black and teal graphic patterns were on the runways, in both long and short-sleeved versions paired with plaid patterned skirts and pants.

Corduroy will be making a resurgence as well, thanks to Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch. It was featured in pants and overcoats in deep burgundies, tans and pinks.

Plaids will be a fad again this fall in rich shades of brown and black. They always come back in vogue and are never gone for long so don't be afraid to splurge.

Head-to-toe denim. Again we will be seeing this popular look but this fall you'll want to choose dark denim. Layer a dark denim jacket or coat on top and you'll have this look perfected.

The pantsuit is making a noticeable comeback in darker, richer colour tones. It's the most practical trend you'll see this fall and one you just can't go wrong with. Look for long boyfriend-style jackets with slim or mid-width pant pairings. They're suitable for every body type, being both slimming and body-lengthening.


Surprisingly, silver was all over the runways for fall in slinky, light flowy fabrics. Paco Rabanne, Loewe, and Bottega Veneta showcased dreamy midi and maxi dresses with billowy, cape-like sleeves in their offerings. This will probably translate to long skirts and leggings for most of us as cold temperatures make them an impracticality.

Silver was also noticeable in metallic threading throughout knits and added fringe. We'll be seeing it again big time in earrings.


Fluff is what we envision when we speak about kittens and bunnies. Not so here. The Fall 2017 runways were full of it and designers will be itching to see us in it. In the street. In pastel hues predominantly, it's going to be showing up in big, oversized jackets and coats. Pastel pink, mint, blue and peach. Some yellow ones too, if I'm not mistaken. The bigger, the better. The fluffier and featherier. Faux fur will be fuller, you can bet on it. "Big Bird" lookalikes will not be limited to Hallowe'en this year.

We will also be seeing a lot of shearling this year. It's an eco-friendly, warm type of "fluff" we all like to wear and there will be lots of fashionable items to purchase it in. Use shearling as a layering piece in a vest or a boot, or go all out and buy it in a maxi coat. It's another practical choice that will garner a lot of use in northern Europe, Canada and the United States.

Last but not least in my category of fluff, is the return of the 1920's inspired feather. The Fall 2017 runways were reminiscent of bird sanctuaries as these soft, richly dyed embellishments were attached all over the place. On cocktail gowns, wraps, outerwear, hats. On hemlines. In earrings. On pumps. I kid you not.

A lot of practicality mixed with fairytale pouf. How will you style all these elements to make your Fall / Winter 2017 wardrobe get others to stand up and take notice?

Bliss and Bling Blog: Fall 2017 Trend Report

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