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Maintaining Hydration in the Winter

Maintaining your skin's hydration level in the winter has two benefits. It protects against the harmful effects of the extreme cold, and it prepares your largest organ for a long winter. Taking good care of your skin as seasons change has an added bonus as well. It can help to offset premature aging.

The following moisturizing regimen will help to maintain the health and vitality of your skin and provide a much-needed shield against the inevitable winter onslaught.

Maintain Hydration While You Cleanse. Try to steer clear of dime-store cleansers that strip away vital intercellular fluids and protective oils from your skin. Now is when you need an extra infusion of moisture and a cleanser that hydrates while you cleanse does just the trick. Eminence Wildflower Cleansing Balm becomes a facial oil cleanser when massaged into the skin, and a purifying milk when mixed with water. This lovely cleanser leaves skin clean, soft and supple with no residue. It contains poppy seed oil, cornflower and linden flower botanicals with no added unnatural chemicals or irritants. $56. If you prefer more lather when you cleanse, try Jan Marini C-ESTA Cleansing Gel. This is a potent Vitamin C cleanser that lathers luxuriously to give you a noticeably softer skin texture. $41.

Maintain Hydration With Toners. Even toners can contain emollients that add extra hydration to the skin in the winter. GUINOT Hydra Beaute Toning Lotion is a gentle, alcohol-free formulation that contains active ingredients specifically for revitalizing dehydrated skin. ("Active" ingredients are biologically-active ingredients in skincare products that effectively deliver the particular benefits they were designed for.) $42. Eminence Neroli Age-Corrective Hydrating Mist gives your skin an energizing boost with it's fragrant neroli oil and coconut water. It is perfect for aging skin that needs hydrating and firming. $44. Jane Iredale's BeautyPrep Face Toner is also a good choice as it is a high performance daily toner designed to restore and prepare the skin's surface for a smoother makeup application. $12.50.

Maintain Hydration With Masks. Maintaining the moisture content of your skin this time of year also requires regular application of moisture-rich masks. Applying a mask once a week and leaving it on for 15 minutes keeps your skin plump and protected and slows premature aging. One mask I love is Eminence's Coconut Cream Masque. It provides intense hydration and nourishment to the skin with it's coconut milk, coconut oil, and chunks of real, ripe coconut. Trust me when I say you're going to want to eat it, and the scent will blow you away! Another great choice in a moisturizing mask is the GUINOT Mask Hydra Beaute Moisture Supplying Radiance Mask. This is an excellent one for combating extremely dehydrated, flaky winter-beaten skin. $56.

Nourish and Moisturize Before Makeup. Moisturizing skin prior to makeup application is a no-brainer but during the winter months you will want to double-up and apply more active formulations. Even oily skin needs a little boost this time of year to keep the oils circulating throughout the intercellular area. Nourishing moisturizing treatments are a great choice apres summer to regenerate and prep the skin for the harshness of winter. Eminence Guava and Bamboo Age-Defying Moisturizer will give you strong, healthy skin with it's carotenoid-rich guava and antioxidant and protein-enriched bamboo. Elasticity and hydration are returned to the skin when used daily. $58. Province Apothecary Nourishing & Revitalizing Moisturizer is a rich moisturizer that protects your skin from the elements. It is quickly absorbed into the skin to improve tone and texture and hydrate and smooth. It contains a luxurious blend of pure botanical ingredients such as apricot kernel oil, jojoba seed oil, and grape seed oil, to name a few. It specifically targets age spots, fine lines, and elasticity. $40.

Advanced Moisturizing Treatments & Serums. Specialized treatments and serums will ensure your skin is protected against the harmful effects of pollution, cold and wind during the long winter months. Some good ones to take note of are Eminence Biodynamic Cornflower Recovery Serum and GUINOT Hydra Cellulaire Serum. Eminence's formulation will normalize oil production that has been compromised during periods of low humidity and extreme cold, as well as firm and hydrate with it's age-defying and balancing properties. $58. GUINOT's is a powerhouse serum that alleviates itchy, flaky skin severely lacking in hydration. $117.

Specialized Nightime Moisturization. You might be relaxing overnight while you sleep but your skin cells are working hard to repair the beating they have endured fighting the elements during the day. Richer formulations are required for this purpose. Eminence Monoi Age Corrective Night Cream for Face & Neck will do just nicely. This rich, hydrating cream may very well be your skin's best friend! It's anti-aging stem cell complex will work throughout the night to nourish and replenish skin cells for a smoother, more youthful appearance when you awaken and head out for another bout of inclement weather. $64. Another good one to try is ORIGINS Plantscription Youth-Renewing Power Night Cream. It's botanical formulation delivers intense hydration to weather-weary skin to improve the appearance of fine lines and dryness overnight. $77. And let's not forget the neck! The delicate skin around the neck and decollete sustains quite a beating in an especially harsh winter. Fight the effects with Dr. Brandt Skincare Do Not Age (D.N.A.) with Dr. Brandt Moisturizing Neck Cream. This cream works to lift the skin on your neck with regular use. It is an ultra luxurious formulation that targets the delicate skin on the neck, decollete, and jawline. $75.

The skin is the largest organ and our protection against the environmental aggressors we are bombarded with each and every day. Pamper it and it will reward you for many years to come!


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