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Fall 2018/19 Trend Report

If you don't appreciate oversized garments and ultra bright colour tones, they're going to be quite the sight for your sore eyes this fall! The '80's are back and, like it or not, so are balloon sleeves, structured shoulders and loud colours!

As well, the Fall 2018 runways depicted the mood of the world today in their bids to pay homage to the #MeToo and Rainbow Movements. They also drew inspiration from some of our favourite fantasy books and films like Harry Potter, dressing the models in creations resembling costumes.

As ordinary people aren't likely to stroll the streets in outlandish costumes, I will attempt to translate these fashion phenomenons into trends that are functional and wearable!

Animal Prints in Technicolor!

Be prepared for animal prints in vivid colour. Bright yellow zebra, hot pink leopard, rainbow sheers in animal motifs, cobalt blue snakeskin. Sexy never looked brighter! If you dare even wear these sizzling numbers, you are a true Dramatic Style Personality! If you just want to add a little pizzaz however, try these eclectic prints in tops and sweaters under jackets and cardi's.

Colour Blocking

The '80's colour blocking trend is still with us, but on a grander scale for fall. This means grandiose blocks of solid colour in brighter, bolder hues. This translates for you into coats, dresses and tunics. You will probably see wide-leg pants with large panels of solid colour as well. These are totally doable worn with block heeled boots and sandals.


"Oversized" was taken to a whole new level on this fall's runways. The word "pouf" comes to mind, if you can imagine a grossly poufed duvet. Marc Jacobs certainly didn't hesitate to showcase this trend in his oversized outerwear. Neither did Balenciaga with their excessive layering under coats that resemble hot air balloons! You can totally wear these if you are over 5'3" but I wouldn't recommend them on anyone smaller.

Mixed Prints

Expect to see more of this mania this fall in even bolder statement pieces that are impossible to ignore! Bright emeralds, reds, oranges and yellows in plaids mixed with stripes, polka dots and paisleys. You will also see extra large lettering in some of these (Versace). Oversized paisley prints mixed with black and white stripes and billowy dresses patterned like quilts (Emilio Pucci). How can you possibly don such confusion? Tone it down a notch by pairing them with solid colored neutrals (black, navy, cream).

Dark Florals

Florals will remain with us this fall and into winter, 2019. The updated, seasonal versions of our favourite florals will be darker, denser, and deeper than before. Darker backgrounds, denser patterns, and deeper, richer hues of navy, burgundy, and chocolate. So warm! The florals this coming season are something everyone can do.


Another trend prevalent in the '80's was ruching; those figure-flattering vertical gatherings on dresses and tunics revered by many. Loved for the way they pull in your waist and lengthen your torso, they will be a welcome addition to our wardrobes this fall! Seen on the runways of Saint Laurent and Balenciaga, more affordable versions can be found in Joseph Ribkoff.

Faux Fur

Another huge trend again this coming fall and winter are faux fur coats in a variety of bold colors. The update this year is the oversized version. Layer them with your thickest sweaters to counteract the enormousness of the ballooning effect.


Who doesn't love to snuggle up to a warm fire when the winds blow so cold? Fashion designers finally got the memo! Deemed "Snuggie's" by the fashion set, these are nothing more than blankets, or oversized "wraps" that are larger than life. Wrap them around your body not once, but twice!

The Balaclava

The elusive balaclava is now a trendy item and that's good because now you'll want to wear them (Alexander Wang). Not just for men this season, women on the runways were also sporting them. Pair them with a scarf or pashmina and you will totally rock this trend!

Little Red Riding Hood

You may have already seen them being worn about town. A regular scarf or pashmina can be converted into one. Some are already being sewn into them (Chanel). This practical trend will keep your ears warm in the wind. Finally something that makes sense!


Berets are back in brighter shades and plaids to amp them up a notch and make an outfit pop! So cute, they're sure to be a hit!


The Fall 2018 runways were a showcase for scarves but not in the way you'd expect. Entire looks were created with this simple staple by the likes of Richard Quinn for the Queen; Tory Burch and J.W. Anderson. The colours and patterns were bold and large in keeping with the '80's revival, and the dresses created with just a few scraps of silk were like nothing you've ever seen before! Pick up a book such as "How To Tie A Scarf" by Potter Style (C), 2013 and create lots of looks you'll love to be seen in!

The Pantone Colour of the Year

The Pantone Colour of the Year for 2018 was Ultra-Violet. We saw a lot of it in soft lavender hues this summer (Michael Kors). This fall we will be seeing a deeper version in a truer shade of violet to embody the richness of hues forthcoming this winter.

In early 2019 expect to see a continuation of deep, rich colour tones. Pantone's newest shade, Night Watch, will be coming to stores soon. Night Watch is a rich teal tone that resonates with the healing powers of nature, yet still embodies a sense of luxury. People who can wear Winter colour palettes will find it most flattering.

Other colours we are already beginning to see in our storefronts are burgundy, emerald, cobalt and orange. Expect to see a lot more red than ever before, and mustard is going to be core.

Last season's pastels are fading to black as we transcend into Fall 2018's colour tones that embody warmth, richness, and comfort. Light the fire, pour a latte, and relax in layers of blankets , or "Snuggies"!

Bliss and Bling Blog: Fall 2018/19 Trend Report

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