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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

I hear so many women complain about their figures while they shop for new clothes I thought I would write a post to let them know there are ways to look great in your clothes. The reason so many women hate shopping is they are really unhappy with their bodies, but once they learn how to use line and colour to showcase their best qualities, a whole new attitude ensues! I hope these tips will be useful to you!

Wear Shapewear! There are an amazing number of styles and types of shapewear available today at a variety of price points that target all our problem areas and mask our cellulite. Your clothes will fit better when you wear shapewear and hang the way they're designed to!

Wear the Right Bra! You've all been told at one point or another you are wearing the wrong sized bra. Believe it or not, it makes a big difference the way a shirt fits if your bra is the right size and type for your body. If you've never had one, get a bra fitting by someone who knows what they're doing. Don't waste another nickel buying bras that do nothing for your figure, hurt your back, and drag you down!

Use Dark Shades of a Colour to Slim and Reduce. Any part of your body you want to appear smaller can be done effectively with black, navy or dark shades of any colour, such as burgundy, dark teal, or chocolate. Wear darker shades on top to reduce an overly large bust, or below the waist to slim the hip and tummy area.

Monochromatic Outfits Elongate. Not only does an outfit look chic when monochromatic (the same colour head-to-toe), but it very effectively elongates as well. Short women appear taller and plump women appear slimmer when dark colours are worn top to bottom, including footwear.

Use Vertical Lines to Slim and Elongate. Vertical lines very effectively make short women appear taller and plump women appear slimmer, as long as the patterns are not too large. Stripes are effective of course, but so are other patterns that have lines that run up and down.

Use Horizontal Lines to Enlarge and Broaden. Horizontal patterns widen any area they are sitting on because the eyes move across the body left to right and vice-versa. If you are small-busted you can use horizontal stripes to make them appear larger and balance out the body from head-to-toe. If you are quite broad on the upper part of your body you can wear horizontal patterns below the waist to balance out your figure.

Light Colours Enlarge Any Area. Whites and pastels make any part of the body appear larger and draw the eyes there so use them with caution in areas you don't want the focus on.

Colour Can Balance Out the Figure. Keeping the above noted points in mind, use colour strategically to balance out your figure and create a flattering hourglass shape by wearing dark colours where you need to reduce, and light colours where you need to increase. Colour-blocking works great for this.

Ruching is Your BFF! Ruching; the gathered folds of material found on a lot of dresses at the mid-section; effectively cinches the waist area. Women love ruching because it is so slimming and actually creates a waist in round and angular figures. Definitely use it to your advantage.

Peplum is Youthful and Slimming. Peplum jackets and dresses have a flounce added to the mid-section so are also effective in creating a waist in figures that have little definition there. They give a youthful appearance to an outfit as well. Peplum should be avoided by people who want to slim down the hip and tummy area, however as the flounce adds bulk and width.

Ruffles, Embellishment and Patterns Are Expounding. These are details that should be used with caution. Ruffles add bulk and patterns and embellishment draw eyes towards them so be sure those parts of the body can withstand the added attention they will be getting!

We can't change our genetic makeup but we can work around it by being creative and using colour, pattern and lineage to our advantage! Check out my Bliss & Bling Pinterest pages for lots of great examples of clothing to suit every figure type and personality!

Bliss & Bling Blog:  Look Amazing In Your Clothes!

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