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Generating Self-Love

I had a conversation with someone close to me yesterday that really opened my eyes to the impact self-love has on the events of one's life. Self-love comes from within, of course and it impacts the way you perceive your world. If you love yourself, you view the world much more optimistically than if you don't. You make better decisions and behave more respectfully towards yourself, which results in others treating you respectfully too. People naturally gravitate towards others who radiate love and good will.

When you don't love yourself, all sorts of unpleasant feelings come about. Depression, anger, impatience, and intolerance are just a few. You may even harbor mental constructs about others that are completely false. These feelings are often not just internalized. They are often externalized towards others.

People who feel unworthy tend not to view others positively. They feel jealous, contemptuous, and even hateful towards others, regardless of whether it is warranted or not. Most times it is unwarranted as it is a product of their own misguided beliefs. It is an extremely unfortunate way to exist.

If you frequently feel angry towards others and believe everyone is against you, it may be time to do some inner work in the form of healing therapies. The quality of your life may depend on it. If you notice your sphere of influence waning or your quota of friends declining, think about how you have been reacting lately. You don't like to be around people who are frequently down, and neither do they. There are several options available to make you feel better by going within. Remember, healing starts at the very core of your being where all those unpleasant feelings are simmering and bubbling and raising their ugly heads! Choose one that feels the most comfortable for you when you begin, then add others as you need to, or simply to enrich your life.


Meditation is a great place to start when looking for a healing therapy that works from within. There are so many variations of meditation techniques to choose from, it may be difficult to decide which is best for you. If one doesn't suit you, try a few others. It may be helpful to determine which type you feel comfortable with first. There is Transcendental meditation, focused meditation, mindfulness, and spiritual meditation to name a few. Research the different types on the internet and go from there. Once you decide which technique you are willing to try, check your local community centres, libraries, or YMCA for course schedules or go to your local bookstores for books on specific techniques. The benefits of meditation are numerous and include improved sleep, reduced anxiety, stress, and even depression. It helps one to remain calm in the face of negative events and to breathe easier and lower blood pressure. It has been known to bring about clarity of thought and a sense of peace in people who practice it regularly. You may notice a gradual change in your attitude which results in more positive relationships.


Because Yoga was originally developed to improve the mind through self-observation and self-awareness, it is a great choice for improving self-worth. It's purpose was to create a higher consciousness of self-respect, discernment, and self-regulation. More than just exercise, it has a spiritual as well as meditative core. Yoga is one of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy. There are a great variety of types of yoga available to the beginner, including hatha, yin, and Forrest, among others. Hatha is a good choice as it is a slower moving form of yoga. Do some research first to familiarize yourself with the many forms so you don't find yourself in a class that is too strenuous, like hot yoga! Or go to a bookstore, buy a beginner's manual and practice at home. There are also YouTube yoga videos readily available to give you an idea of what to expect.

Guided Imagery & Relaxation Therapy

A form of integrative therapy that is very beneficial for improving self-worth is Guided Imagery. This healing therapy, or relaxation therapy is great for mentally escaping the stressors in life and creating more calming images within the mind to induce more peaceful states of mind. It effectively creates a harmonic state between the mind and body which results in enhanced coping skills in dealing with everyday stressors. It is known for helping overcome pain, anger, depression and stress and is great for treating insomnia. You can find practitioners of Guided Imagery Therapy through your local naturopathic clinics or colleges in your city, or search them out online.

Counselling or Life Coaching Sessions

Most people don't want to admit they need to talk to someone about their low self-esteem but speaking to an unbiased person in a holistic setting can be a very rewarding experience. If you can't afford to speak to a regular counselor, seek out a Life Coach or a natural health practitioner. Life Coaches will not tell you what to do, but rather help you to determine where you may have gone wrong and steer you in the right direction. They basically help you to help yourself and show you that you are the master of your own destiny and thus have the ability to change your life if you choose to. Many natural health practitioners also offer counselling services and are a great choice for people who need more holistic environments from which to get help and advice.

Self-love is an empowering state of health. It is not vain; rather it is imperative for healthy relationships at home and beyond. It affects the quality of your life and your future happiness. Taking steps to improve it can be fulfilling and rewarding. Nothing but good can come from it, I assure you!

Bliss & Bling Blog:  Generating Self-Love

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