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Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Styling or flattering a Triangle or Pear Figure is easy when you learn the tips and tricks to effectively draw the eyes away from any area you would like to camouflage; in this case the hip and thigh area. Although the common trend at the moment favors increasing the width of the behind (ala the Kardashians) and a lot of young women are spending large on implants, older women don't view this quite as positively. For those of us who share the latter view, there are several tricks you can employ to visually reduce the width of this area and don't require going under the knife!

Add Detail. Any horizontal patterns or details you wear in shirts will add width to a small chest. Circular patterns work equally as well. All this detail will keep eyes directed upwards and away from areas you are self-conscious about below the waist. Don't hesitate to wear large necklaces and earrings as well. Hats with wide brims are fabulous for you!

Add Bulk. Use thick fabrics to add bulk to the upper body. Bulky wool sweaters, corduroy blazers, or heavily textured wool jackets all balance out a pear-shaped body. Any sweaters with added embellishment sewn on, such as large tassels, fringe, or crocheted flowers will do wonders. On cool summer evenings you can choose finer knit sweaters with crocheted flowers or appliques, or anything blingy like sequins, beads and glitter.

Use Color To Your Advantage. Bright colors draw eyes towards them, particularly when they are deep, rich, or vibrant. Neon is the most effective bright but you don't have to go this extreme. As long as the colors you wear on the upper portion of your body are brighter than on the bottom, you will succeed in keeping all eyes up there.

Use Lineage Effectively. The correct use of lineage can work wonders for directing eyes upwards. As mentioned above, horizontal lines* and patterns add width to any area so are effective in increasing a small chest and broadening the shoulders. Wider stripes work better than pin-stripes, of course, but even pin-stripes direct eyes across the chest. Many other horizontal patterns work as well.

*Note: If you are under 5'4" horizontal patterns won't work well for you. Instead, choose wide vertical lines and patterns above the waist to add width and visually increase your height.

Use Solids Below the Waist. If you want to draw attention away from your mid-section, try to save patterns and detail for above the waist and wear solid colors below.

Choose Embellished Footwear. You can wear embellished footwear to keep eyes away from the mid-section as long as there is more detail on the top portion of your body and a solid colour in the mid-section. Adding embellished footwear that matches the pattern or detail on top creates the effect of an hourglass figure, which is what we all want!

Accessorize the Neck and Decolletage. Any embellishment that sits around the neck, shoulders, and decolletage draws attention away from the mid-section. Beautiful scarves and pashminas are perfect for this. Large necklaces and bold earrings are excellent. Even shoulder pads, when they are in vogue, do a great job of adding width and balancing the figure visually.

Having what we call a Pear figure is nothing to be embarrassed about but if you feel self-conscious about it, try some of the above tips and tricks to visually flatter your figure from head-to-toe! Be sure to check out my Pinterest page, Bliss & Bling: Styling the Triangle (Pear) Figure for more visual representations of how to style your unique figure!

Bliss & Bling Blog:  Styling the Pear Figure

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