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There's no doubt about it. We women love our handbags! Next to shoes they're our favorite things to buy. It must be in our genes. The more we have the more we need!

Handbags speak to us. They make a statement. They reflect our personalities. They can really amp up a boring outfit. Though most women are experts when it comes to handbags, there are a few style tips you may not be aware of and that's where I come in!

Handbags Can Flatter Your Figure

Some handbag styles are great for certain figure types. Some not so much. Excessively large bags will overwhelm and essentially drown a petite girl's figure. Tiny bags become invisible next to larger figures. Choosing the right bag for your figure is more attractive visually. Taller women can wear crossbody bags with longer straps much better than short women, as these bags will sit properly on their hip where they're supposed to. As well, a strap that sits cross-wise on the body visually shortens the height of an overly tall woman. Hobo bags are a great choice for women who are smaller up top (Triangle Figure Types). These bags bring needed volume to the top half of the body when worn over the shoulder.

If you are self-conscious about having large hips, try not to choose bags with a lot of width as they will only add bulk to the area. Alternatively, women with large busts should avoid hobo bags if they want to appear smaller.

If you are not a curvy girl and want to add curves to your silhouette, select rounder bags or circle bags, or even bags with attached ruffles or flower patterns. Avoid structured bags, or any bags with squared edges or rectangular shapes.

The Right Handbag For The Occasion

Certain situations call for certain types of handbags. Your work handbag is going to be different from your evening bag or the one you take to the beach. If you work in an office and wear suits, your handbag choice should be more structured and classic, like the "Kelly" or "Hermes-style" bag. If you work in a trendy boutique you will, of course, want whatever's "of the moment"! Your weekend bag when you're in your jeans might be a messenger bag or a backpack that doubles as a handbag. Evening bags are typically clutches, unless you are going to the nightclub. You will probably want to take a crossbody bag because they're light and can be kept with you while you're dancing.

Even the hardware on handbags can influence where you wear them. Gold hardware is always a little more classy and formal, silver more casual. Gold hardware is always appropriate for work. Silver goes great paired with jeans and your silver jewellery. Platinum is a little more upscale but still appropriate for everyday. Rose gold is also casual. You don't have to be OCD about matching your handbag hardware to your jewellery, or the buttons and belts on your clothing or coats, but it does look a little better if you do. A lot of bling on a handbag is appropriate for the nightclub or New Year's Eve, of course, but it's also trendy right now and appropriate for everyday. Buckles on bags give a more casual vibe, as do fringe, beads, and tassels. These are all great for the beach as well, and anything made from canvas, hemp, or straw.

Handbags For Different Personalities

Personal stylists always encourage women to choose handbags that showcase their personalities, whether they are Dramatic, Creative, Classic, Romantic, or a Natural personality. Of course, your personality might be a combination of several different types because every person is unique. We always encourage you to choose handbags you love or that "speak" to you, rather than ones that just hang on your arm. If you classify yourself as Dramatic, you will likely choose rich jewel-toned bags or bags that stand out or make a statement. If you consider yourself to be Creative, you won't have a problem choosing bags some people term "outrageous". They will typically be boldly patterned, brightly coloured, or oddly shaped. Romantic women typically choose handbags with soft, buttery textures, lace or ruffle detailing, or pastel shades. Natural, down-to-earth women typically look for handbags made from organic or earthy material, such as hemp, vegan leather, or anything known to be sustainable. A woman who loves Classic styles will make appropriate handbag choices in neutral shades like black, white, or navy and material such as genuine leather, patent, or animal prints.

Most women know full well what they like and always gravitate towards the same bags that suit their tastes and lifestyles, but I always encourage that you step out of your comfort zones once in awhile and choose different colours, shapes, and styles to spice things up and set you on a new style adventure. You never know what you might discover!

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