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I see so many women wear the wrong sized bra I decided to dedicate this blog post to just that. This is the number one reason women complain they don't look good in their clothes. Trust me, everything you put on looks wrong when the girls hang down where they don't belong, or spill out from all sides!

These are some typical issues and their quick fixes.

Going Up!

Does your horizontal strap across the back ride up? That's not what you want. When this happens your band size (numerical size) is too high and is failing to carry the weight of your bust. Buy one band size smaller and one cup size larger and see if that strap sits where it should, straight across the back.

Digging In Is Not A Thing!

Your bra straps should not dig into your shoulders and mar you. That's not what they're designed for! Loosen them up. If that doesn't do the trick, you are wearing the wrong sized cup. Your cups should be firmly holding those girls in and up. You shouldn't expect shoulder straps to do all the work. Buy a larger cup with some structure, rather than a t-shirt style, to hold them snug and draw them up.

Side Spillage Is Not Attractive.

Overflow from the side view is not going to make you look or feel good. Rein them in. Buy a bigger cup size and keep them inside.

Over the Top!

Is your breast tissue up front trying to jump out? Try a larger cup size and a smaller band. Ensure your straps fit snug but don't cut. If this doesn't work, try a completely different bra style. You may need a full figure cup, a more structured cup, or a wider strap to bring the girls back up and straight out.

Peek-A-Boo I See You!

Spillage underneath the cups can be uncomfortable, particularly if you're wearing underwire. Try tightening the back hook closure first. If that doesn't work, you will need to buy a larger cup and smaller band size. The band or underwire should sit nicely (comfortably) against your skin, never dig in or leave red marks.

Puckering, Wrinkling and Gaping Be Gone!

There should be no puckering of the cups in seamless bra styles, and no wrinkling at the sides. The cups should not gape or droop down. These are all indications of too large cups and can be easily corrected by buying one size down.

Uneven Bust Sizes.

A bit of a conundrum but not entirely without a solution. Buy the correct bra size to hold your larger breast, then buy some enhancer pads to slip into the other side, under the breast tissue. Tighten the strap a little on the smaller breast side to keep the enhancer pad firmly in place. If you have had one breast completely removed, get a gel-filled enhancer to slip into the cup or visit a shop that specializes in mastectomy bras to get the perfect fit. Women who have had breast implants removed can do this too.

Even when you measure yourself properly and follow the guides you still may not buy the right size. Bra manufacturers, just like any other clothing designers, are not always consistent and sometimes it's just a matter of trying a variety of different sizes and styles to get the perfect fit for you. Hopefully the above tips will guide you in choosing bra styles that make everything you wear more flattering!

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