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Shoes are by far the most prized possessions of fashion-conscious women. You only have to look at renown actress Sarah Jessica Parker to realize that. She loves them so much she created an entire line with her name on them and her own boutiques to house them!

Shoes are frequently worn by lovers of fashion as "statement" pieces to effectively amp up their outfits and make them feel fabulous. Some women collect and display them like works of art. Others simply enjoy boasting about the number of pairs they own.

A more practical use for shoes is to flatter your figure. The wrong shoe style for your figure can sometimes accentuate flaws rather than deflect them. Let's analyze this further from a personal stylist's perspective!


The typical "Round" figure type carries extra weight around the tummy and upper body, with very shapely legs. They are the true "curvy" figures. As the extra weight around the middle tends to make the silhouette appear shorter the goal is to add length to the body. An effective way to do this is to choose shoe styles that visually lengthen the leg. A classic pointed toe works best. Jimmy Choo's, Saint Laurent, Rag and Bone, and Calvin Klein have good choices for this figure. They should ideally avoid round-toed ballet flats, too closed-in pumps, Mary-Janes or any other shoes with straps around the ankles, heavy wedges and platforms, and square toes as all of these styles shorten the foot and do not flatter shapely legs.


Women with Triangle figures carry their weight around their hips and thighs. Because they are typically short-waisted, they often appear short overall. Just like the Round figure, this figure needs more height. It requires shoes with heels (even stilletto's) and pointed toes to lengthen the leg. Simple sandals that reveal a lot of skin are great. They should avoid round toes and heavy platforms as these add bulk to the lower portion of the body and draw the eyes downwards. Triangle figures need more detail on the upper portion of the body so shoe styles should be kept clean and simple. Classic styles like the ones offered by Christian Louboutin, Sarah Jessica Parker, Anne Klein and Nine West work well for this figure.


The Inverted Triangle Figure is a figure that is broad above the waistline. These women have wide shoulders and full busts, with slender legs. Women with this figure typically have very slender ankles as well, so shoes should be chosen with care. Nothing overly heavy or chunky. Shoes with a lot of detail are fine as you want to draw the eyes away from the upper body when you have this figure type. Sophia Webster has some great choices for this figure, as does Valentino, Betsy Johnson and Shein. They can also select higher heels to lengthen the leg. Boots can be a little chunky when worn with slim jeans.


Women with Rectangle figures have very little definition from top to bottom (little to no curves). This figure is typically tall and willowy therefore needs the illusion of curves, as well as horizontal lines to draw it down. Mary-Janes, round toes and peep-toed shoes work well. Jeffrey Campbell, Kate Spade, Rockport and Clarks offer them. Strappy shoes like Mary-Janes cut the leg width down and shoes with curved cut-outs such as D'Orsay styles bring definition to the foot. Manolo Blahnik often carries this shoe style, and most wedding gown boutiques have them as well. This figure can also pull off round-toed ballet flats such as the ones offered by Tory Burch and Coach. Stilletto's are a no-no for women who are overly tall and don't want to tower above the crowd, unless they are walking the runway.


Women with Hourglass figures, whether they are full-figured or slim, have well proportioned bodies from head-to-toe. They have well-defined waistlines and clearly noticeable curves. Any shoes chosen should maintain the balance and flow of the figure, as well as the outfit. Nothing too boxy or chunky, such as platforms or square toes, and nothing too ostentatious, unless they completely correlate with an outfit. These women are really lucky because they have more choices than most. The sky is pretty much the limit for them so the range of designers they can shop can be quite extensive!

Shoes reflect your personal tastes, favorite colours, and your personality. They speak volumes by illustrating who you are, whether you're dramatic, romantic, or salt-of-the-earth. They're like the icing on that piece of cake you can't live without. They're fabulous!

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