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No one wants to admit the "F" word is just around the corner but it's actually the season lovers of fashion do the most shopping. If you're a true fashionista you will want to know the colours and styles that will be trending next season. You're already aware designers use the Pantone seasonal colour palettes as the basis for their collections. If you haven't already looked, a few of the Fall/Winter 2022/23 shades Pantone has created will include "Lava Falls", a rich shade of red; "Orange Tiger", a bright shade of orange; "Rose Violet", a a deep pink shade with violet undertones; and an emerald green shade they've termed "Amazon" that exudes a rain forest. There will also be a range of colours typical of the Fall season, such as a tan shade they're calling "Caramel Cafe"; a light shade of navy called "Midnight"; and an olive shade called "Martini Olive". There will be some classics, of course, which include a darker shade of navy called "Polar NIght"; a muted green shade they are calling "Loden Frost"; and a medium-grey shade called "Chiseled Stone". What will be surprising to see again are pastels. A pastel pink shade they are calling "Nosegay"; a baby-blue they have termed, "Waterspout"; and a very muted yellow called "Autumn Blonde". Pastel garments are always useful to effectively tone down too-stark winter outfits. Pastel-toned organic cottons and bamboo fabrics are great to wear to your favorite tropical get-aways as they reflect the heat from the sun and keep you cool.

Now that we're clear on the colours we can draw from the recesses of our closets, let's look at the clothing pieces we can keep, and the ones we should hibernate until spring!


Suits are still trending this Fall and why not? They're practical for cool weather because of their layering factor and they are acceptable to wear in any setting. This Fall we'll be seeing 3-piece versions with vests, and matching coats a la Chanel with a sophisticated vibe. If you love a good capsule wardrobe these suits will be the perfect fit for you because you can mix-and-match them with pretty much everything in your wardrobe. Get some inspiration on how to wear them by looking at the Sergio Hudson, Prada or Versace Fall/Winter Runway collections.


I don't see the moto jacket going anywhere anytime soon because it has become an acceptable item to pair with anything. It effectively tones down a too-formal outfit and creates a casual-chic aesthetic. It is great to wear when the winds start howling and it's a perfect layering piece to wear indoors. Be sure to invest in one if you haven't already because it's appropriate for every age, shape, and size.


The cape made it's debut this summer attached to the classic shift dress and it will be following us into Fall as a separate add-on. They are great for taking the chill off when you step outdoors for a few minutes, or for walking around town. Pair them with dresses, add them to pantsuits, pop them over sweaters or use them over jumpsuits. Any type of garment will be amped up a notch with this season's offerings. Get some inspiration on how to wear them from Gabriel Hearst or Valentino.


They're still front and centre and cozier than ever! Watch for them in faux shearling and faux wolf fur, beaver and hare. Vibrant colour (cobalt blue) is also what you'll want to be buying into this season (Alberta Ferretti). And watch for those exaggerated balloon sleeves with raglan shoulders from the 1980's that allow you to wear thick sweaters. (That's my explanation for them and I'm sticking to it!) Get inspired by Loewe and Simone Rocha and you'll be wearing one in no time!


Another trend to resurge this summer was the crochet dress featured by Ulla Johnson and, being as practical as it is, we're going to be wearing it this coming winter. Not the sexy see-thru versions you see on the beach of course, but more appropriate iterations that can be worn in frigid weather. You will want to pair them with knit leggings or get a midi dress that works with boots. You can also layer them over turtlenecks or fine knits. That works!


There are some really amazing things being done with leather this season and you will definitely want to be in them! The most interesting garment I've seen by far is a dress created by Alexander McQueen with a wing-like attachment at the waist. I'm sure it was inspired by Batgirl but who cares! Bottega Veneta has created some unique leather pieces as well this season. I particularly love the chocolate brown wide-leg jumpsuit in their Fall collection. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of them!


We saw a glimpse of it this summer but you'll be finding more of it over the winter because it's perfect for Christmas and New Years. If you haven't seen it yet it's typically offered in cable-knit with a gold or silver shimmery sheen on top. Alberta Ferretti featured it in her Fall 2022 Ready-To-Wear Runway collection and it was absolutely stunning. The model wore a silver cable knit sweater paired with a pleated silver wide-leg trouser and charcoal faux fur jacket. It was a fabulous combination. Shimmery knitwear can always be paired with jeans to tone it down, or a pair of casual wool trousers. People who love shimmer and shine are definitely going to want to get these sweaters in their closets!


Now here's something I haven't seen in awhile! Fur stoles! These modern versions aren't made with real fur like they were in the '60's, but they are oversized like everything else this year so you'll probably be able to wrap them around twice. I love that they're so cozy and can be worn over any outfit. You can wrap them around your shoulders over a wool coat for added comfort and warmth, or over a sweater to take the chill off in the Fall. They've got a sophisticated vibe so people who are so inclined will want to partake in this trend as soon as they hit the shelves!


Something I saw a recurrence of in the coming season's runway shows was tassel and fringe. Layers and layers of it in beautiful jewel tones attached to sweaters and coats. I saw them in deep shades of purple and maroon and lots of cobalt blue. The ones offered by Alberta Ferretti were particularly show stopping and I'd love to have all of them! I expect to see fringe on handbags, shoes and boots and I'm betting Free People will be the mainstream brand we will be able to find it on!


If you like bright, bold colour you're going to be happy again this winter because almost every designer has some to offer. One such designer is Christopher John Rogers. His Pre-Fall 2022 collection includes neon floral layerings of dresses over pants under jackets; floor-length dresses with vertical stripes, neon yellow skirt and bodysuit pairings, neon knit floor-length dresses, and hot pink pantsuits that will knock out your eyeballs. Warning: This collection is not for the faint-of-heart! And if you're a fan of the eclectic design aesthetic, Moschino, Naeem Khan, and Prabal Gurung's Fall 2022 runway offerings will be sure to satisfy your cravings!


Some of the most intricate and ornate patterns we see in our clothing today is inspired by other countries and cultures. We have all seen and recognize the influence China has had on our clothing but now we are seeing a lot of inspiration from Africa and India. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but it certainly appears to me that Johanna Ortiz was very much inspired by these two cultures in her Pre-Fall 2022 collection. You may recognize some distinctly cultural patterns in her jumpsuits, floor-length dresses and skirts this Fall. She also uses a fair amount of draping in the collection, which is predominant in Indian sarongs. I thought it refreshing to view a collection that married East and West and introduced pattern we generally don't find in mainstream clothing lines. Ulla Johnson is another designer who used a plethora of ethnic-inspired pattern this season. Her Pre-Fall 2022 collection is, in my opinion, nothing short of amazing!


Animal prints are always a winter staple but this year Roberto Cavalli has gone over-the-top by pairing them together. Leopard with tiger. Leopard and snakeskin. Snakeskin fading to black gradient. Head-to-toe snakeskin including over-the-knee boots. Leopard and plaid, and not just one plaid. Oh no! Every bold plaid known to man! If you love animal prints and haven't seen his Ready-To-Wear Fall/Winter 2022/23 collection you are in for the treat of your life!

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