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If you have a true hourglass figure you are a very lucky person! Your figure is perfectly balanced from head-to-toe and you can wear pretty much anything you want to. You are the envy of every woman because you look good in everything!

The Hourglass Figure Type has a clearly defined waist and both bust and hip measurements are very close. Whether you have a full hourglass figure or are a little more slender, your shoulder and hip measurements are within 5% of each other and your waist is at least 25% smaller than either. Typically, women with hourglass figures have a full bustline.

Even though you have an easy figure to dress, there are still some tips you can follow to accentuate your curves as these are definitely your best asset!

Maintaining Balance

Even an hourglass figure can appear out of balance if too much bulk or texture is placed in one area. Wearing a bulky knit top and a fitted skirt, for example, can actually give you an Inverted Triangle Figure visually. Or if you wear a lot of fluff below the waist (ruffles or flounce) without adding the same up top, you will effectively convert your figure to a Pear. Try instead to keep your choice of fabric consistent from head-to-toe. Also, anything too structured or boxy is not a good choice for your figure as it will tone down your curves to the extent that you will appear to have a Rectangle figure. Flowy fabric is always a better choice for you rather than anything excessively baggy or shapeless that completely smothers your curves.

Flattering Necklines

The best choice in necklines for hourglass figures are sweetheart necklines, V-necks, and halter-necks as these all flatter the bust area. Try to avoid boat-necks or styles with horizontal slashes across the decolletage, unless you are wearing full skirts or wide pants to balance out the look from a visual perspective. Shirts should ideally have open necklines or wrap-styles and t-shirts should be fitted, never over-sized or boyfriend style.

Great Dress Styles

Wrap dresses look amazing on hourglass figures but any dress that flows or skims the body is going to be really flattering for this figure type. You always want to highlight your waist so any style with an added belt is going to work well for you. Dress styles to avoid are anything too boxy with no definitive shape. Shirt dresses are fine as long as they have darts that define the waistline, or a belt. This applies to shift dresses as well. One flattering dress style for this figure, in particular is the peplum.

Pants and Jeans

Most pant styles work well for the hourglass figure as long as they are not too baggy or sloppy-looking. You are lucky enough to be able to wear wide-leg and palazzo pants as long as you add more width to the top half of your body. You can even do subtle pleats as long as they don't fan out too much. The best jean styles for you are boot-cuts and flares, and ideally medium-rise waist styles are best. If you have a rather slender hourglass figure you can wear low-rise jeans successfully if they are comfortable for you.

Coats and Jackets

Unfortunately, short Chanel-style jackets are not flattering for the hourglass figure, but jackets with structured shoulders can balance out the figure really well. Tailored trench coats with belts are great, and anything with long, narrow lapels to the waist are excellent. Coats and jackets should always have seams that follow your curves. Peplum jackets look amazing on this figure so definitely wear them whenever they are trending.

Pattern and Colour

Because you want to be careful not to create a visual imbalance with this figure type, keeping pattern and colour choices consistent top to bottom are really important. If you love wearing bright, bold colours and florals in skirts and shirts, remember to add them to the opposite portion of your body as well. A large patterned floral skirt needs a bold shirt to offset the other and vice-versa. Try not to wear a pale pastel shirt with a bright, bold skirt or pant if you don't want to appear bottom-heavy. Always maintain consistency in your choice of pattern and hue from top to bottom and you will never go wrong.

Shoes, Bags & Accessories

You never want to tip the balance of an hourglass and this also applies when accessorizing. Look at your outfit as a whole and scale your accessories accordingly. Choose a chunky shoe and bag if you're wearing wide-legs or a full skirt, but also add a little more chunk at the neckline using a necklace or large earrings (not both). Don't go overboard with this if you have a slender hourglass figure. Scale-down your accessories based on the mirror-image of your figure.

Check out my Pinterest page; Bliss & Bling: Styling the Hourglass Figure for more visual representations of what works best for your Hourglass Figure Type!

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