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Updated: Jul 15, 2020

The Inverted Triangle Figure is another common figure type that can be challenging to flatter. Essentially, an inverted triangle is an upside-down triangle which, for the figure, translates to a top-heavy silhouette. The shoulders are broader than the hips and the chest area is large in proportion to the rest of the body. The legs are typically slender, or appear more slender, due to the broadness of the top portion of the body.

Because the key to flattering any figure type is maintaining balance, this figure requires visual reduction of the broad top half of the body, above the waistline. There are several tips and tricks professional personal stylists use to achieve this and you can easily learn and apply them yourself.

1. Reduce the Bulk Up Top. In order to visually reduce the top-heavy appearance of the torso you will want to avoid placing any bulky fabric in this area. This includes heavy cable-knits, ultra-thick wool, and layered material such as ruffles. Cowl-neck sweaters are not flattering for this figure type. Save any bulky material for the bottom portion of your body, choosing this fabric for skirts and pants instead.

2. Place Dark Colours On Top. Whatever you decide to wear below the waist, choose a darker shade of colour on top. Dark colours are great for slimming so always ensure you choose them in your sweaters and shirts.

3. Keep Solid Colours Up Top. Solid colours are best worn above the waist as well. Solids, as opposed to patterns, keep broader areas to a minimum.

4. Use Pattern Density Strategically. The placement of pattern is critical for slimming down and/or broadening any part of the body. Smaller, denser patterns should always be worn in places you want to slim. Large, bold patterns should be placed where you need width. Never wear large patterns above the waist if you have an inverted triangle figure. Save these for skirts and pants instead.

5. Vertical vs. Horizontal Pattern Placement. Where you place vertical vs. horizontal lines and patterns is also critical for reducing or elongating areas of the body. Horizontal lines visually add width to an area so avoiding horizontally striped shirts and sweaters is key for an inverted triangle figure. Save them for pants and skirts. Fine vertical lines are much more flattering worn on top because they will slim and elongate and ultimately balance out this figure type.

6. Avoid Broad Necklines. When you have broad shoulders, the last thing you want to do is widen them further. Any open necklines that expose your shoulders and large parts of your chest are not going to do you any justice. This means avoiding off-shoulder styles, boat necks, and scoop necks. The best way to slim down this area is to choose v-neck styles. You are one of the lucky people who can wear low v-neck styles so definitely ramp up the sex-appeal and load up on them!

7. Add Bulk Below the Waist. In order to balance out the inverted triangle figure, more bulk and width needs to be added below the waist area. This is where you can use heavier material such as wool and knits, ruffles and frills, ruching and layers. Skirts can be full; pants can have pleats, flared or wide legs; embellishment can be abundant; belts can be ornamented, etc. Anything that draws the eyes downward is going to apply here.

8. Keep Jewelry Minimal. Jewelry is one accessory that draws the eye towards it so any jewelry you wear above the waist should be minimal. Fine jewelry is your best bet. Choose fine chains in necklaces, small pendants, and scaled-down earring styles. Avoid large chunky necklaces, chokers and earrings. As the French often say, "less is more".

9. Amp Up Your Footware! Because you want to draw the eyes down as much as possible, you will want to amp up your footware. This means the more embellished the better! Choose shoes and boots with lots of detail. This equates to bold colours, patterns, and bling if you are a girly-girl. If not, buckles will do as well.

10. Handbag Styles that Flatter. Even your choice of handbag can make a difference in balancing out your figure. This figure type should avoid oversized shoulder bags that sit above the waist as they will only add more bulk to the upper body. Choose smaller, structured bags instead. Satchels that hang off the arm and sit below the waist or clutches held at the end of the arm on your hand can be a little larger, however.

Shopping for clothing when you have an inverted triangle figure should never be a frustrating experience. Armed with these tips, you can now actually look forward to it! Be sure to check out my Pinterest pages for lots of ideas for styling your unique figure; Bliss & Bling: Styling the Inverted Triangle Figure.

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