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We're all hearing about it, but what is it exactly? Why is it "quiet"? How did it originate? What is all the buzz about?

Well, like the Coastal Grandmother trend, it's always been around. It just hasn't been articulated until now. And now that it is being spoken about on social media, everyone wants to get on board!

Quiet Luxury refers to understated clothing styles made with the highest-quality material currently offered. The wearers aren't about advertising the high price tags or showing off to friends. The clothing is classic, minimalistic, and nothing that would turn heads. It only looks and feels expensive. People who wear Quiet Luxury are confident, not having to prove anything to anyone. They don't follow trends. They want quality, not quantity. They want pieces that transcend time and fabric that doesn't wear down the way denim or fast fashion does.

European women are very familiar with Quiet Luxury. French and Italian women, in particular wear it all the time. They don't understand the American way of acquiring loads of clothing, shoes and handbags because to them, less is more. They see flashy clothing as garish and tacky. If you wear it out and about in Paris or Rome you will be stared at or frowned upon. It's just not done!

Quiet Luxury is having a moment, however. It is being revisited as sensible, practical and friendly to the environment so in a sense, it is a trend. It won't appeal to Dramatic or Creative Style Personalities unless they are looking for a drastic change in their look or lifestyle. The benefit to this clothing style is that it fits in everywhere, from the office to the beach. You will never have to worry about dressing the wrong way for an occasion like a wedding, or offending anyone at a funeral because you won't stand out. You will just appear quietly in the background looking classy, put-together, and appropriate. Perfect.

So, what brands should you shop to create a Quiet Luxury wardrobe? If you can afford it of course, Hermes or Chanel. If you can't there are many other classic designers who can help you achieve a more affordable Quiet Luxury aesthetic, like Burberry, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren. The trick is to find fabric that looks and feels expensive. You probably already know how amazing it feels to wear expensive fabric but if you don't you have to experience it. There's no feeling like it. You can also purchase luxury garments online at The Real Real or Poshmark, or search out some local luxury consignment stores that carry upscale designer garments for 1/4 of the price. If you wait for it to go on sale, even better. You will have some original luxury garments that will last forever at very affordable price points!

A few pointers for buying Quiet Luxury are one, stay away from logos. Wealthy people want investment pieces, not free advertising for luxury lifestyle brands. They also don't like to advertise the fact that they are walking money bags. They want to be as inconspicuous as possible around people and still look great. Two, be willing to take care of your garments. Remember, the quality is like nothing you've ever experienced. Read the washing instructions and follow them closely. If it says "Dry Clean Only" or "Hand Wash Cold" don't get lazy and throw them in the washing machine or your next move will be taking them to the trash bin. Three, buy pieces that make you feel like a million bucks. You're spending a little more money. You want them to feel luxurious. That's what it's all about!

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