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The winter months always spark thoughts of cozy nights by the fire and the major fashion houses used this as inspiration to create beautiful collections that are practical and wearable this year. Let's see what they have in store for us for 2020/21!


A huge trend this year is the cape and what better time to wear it! There is nothing more cozy than a beautiful cashmere cape to wrap yourself up in and add warmth to an outfit. Especially when paired with a cable-knit sweater while outdoors, and so smart when paired with a skirt at work. They will be offered by Michael Kors, Celine and many other designers in plaids and solids and a lot of bold colors. Givenchy and Valentino have even added them to dresses. You will be sure to find one this year in a shade that coordinates well with your current wardrobe.


The poncho is nothing new and continues to resurface time and again. It reappeared on this Fall's runways in keeping with the "cozy" theme. We will be seeing it in similar form as previous years in plaids, solids, and with the added fringe.


Your classic no-nonsense blazer has been completely reconstructed this year into somewhat irregular proportions. Expect to see influences from the '70's and '80's, such as large, puffy sleeves, off-side belting, asymmetrical collars and cutouts, extreme ruching, and fringed hems. Basically, expect the unexpected from designers such as Coperni, Monse and Peter Petrov.


Another style of jacket we will be seeing a lot of this winter is the oversized jacket. This is basically a boyfriend-style, tailored jacket which is longer but fuller in the shoulder area. Think 1980's big shoulders with padding. Pair them with wool pants to get the cozy effect.


Skirt suits came on scene in early Spring and have been transitioned to Fall simply by changing up the material. They will be paired with capes in solid wools and plaids and the skirts will be full and long (mid-length). Michael Kors will be doing this trend in a major way this season in bold colors with full skirts, as well as pencils.


Another new trend this winter is the equestrian-inspired trend. The thing that makes this look authentic is the tall boot traditionally worn with slim-fitted pants that are tucked in. The boots are typically black or brown, as are the pants. Of course, a classic blazer such as the ones offered by Ralph Lauren, give the look even more credibility.


Expect to see more ballooning in sleeves this winter, on sweaters in particular. Lots of volume and added detail, such as fringe and cargo pockets will be prevalent. Large, voluminous sleeves will be seen on dresses and reconstructed blazers as well this winter. It's 1980's round two!


Fringe is quite the thing and it's not just being added to Bohemian outfits this season. Some major players added it to their couture collections too. (Yes, Prada!) It is being attached to everything from sweaters and ponchos to handbags and tall boots. It adds movement to any outfit and takes it from boring to eclectic. If you're worried it won't stay the course, accessorize it to stay on budget with earrings, necklaces or belts.


Chains keep resurfacing again and again. They are a classic so it's not surprising but this year they are being integrated into necklines on sweaters, on shoulders and at waistlines. Just a little bit of chain can really amp up a simple clothing item. Chain belts are great to pair with a little black dress or a pair of jeans. They are really versatile that way so should always be part of a capsule wardrobe. If you simply want to update your look at minimum expense, get a pair of chain earrings or a classic chain necklace or choker. These items will withstand the test of time.


Though not everyone will embrace this trend, I will say these boots are ingenious for icy conditions. As with most practical winter footwear, they sport extra thick soles with the added feature of deep tire treads. They will be offered in tall, fitted versions as well as ankle boots and will definitely be a win-win for seniors who frequently lose their balance on icy sidewalks!


If you have a particular style personality that influences your fashion choices you will definitely want to check out the Fall/Winter 20/21 Runway Shows listed below for collections that really speak to you. Here are 5 of "Vogue's Most Viewed Runway Shows" in order of preference.

Chanel. If you have a Classic Style Personality, check out the Chanel runway show. This year's collection will give you the inspiration you need to create a beautiful winter wardrobe that remains timeless for years to come.

Saint Laurent. This winter Saint Laurent went all-out Dramatic for people who love to make a statement. This year's collection of high-gloss leather will be sure to do that!

Balenciaga. This year Balenciaga is offering a collection of bold-toned athleisure for people who love to work out in style and be noticed. The collection also contains an interesting mix of slinky evening wear for people who are not afraid to exude sex appeal.

Gucci. Gucci is offering a collection of grunge for Natural Style Personalities that includes highly distressed wide-leg jeans, boho-style shirts, and interesting pairings of floral skirts, jeans and jackets. Very street-style.

Louis Vuitton. For the Creative Personality Type, Louis Vuitton is offering some interesting pieces that include ornate jackets paired with athleisure-style fitted pants; brocade and mock animal-print dresses; and pin-striped pantsuits.

Although Michael Kors wasn't among Vogue's list, I have to mention his collection because it is note-worthy for being both wearable and practical for our brutal North American winters. This year's offerings include beautifully tailored cape-coats, cashmere trenches, long shaggy faux-furs, quilted leathers, long plaid handkerchief skirts, bulk-knit sweaters, and monochromatic matching sets of blazers, sweaters and skirts. The skirt suits were mid-length and full. There were loads of rich-toned plaids that were anything but boring. He is the only designer who has included cow-print in his collection, that I am aware of, which is the latest trend in animal prints. His collection of glitzy floor-length holiday dresses are to die for. Their shimmer is literally blinding. Time will cease to exist when you wear them!

This year's Fall/Winter style offerings combine old favorites with new drama. Pair them together and I guarantee you will create your own version of cozy that will be nothing short of awesome!

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