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FARMASi is an international leader in the cosmetics, skincare, and nutrition industry, best known for their commitment to clean, safe beauty standards.  Now established in 24 countries, they continue to gain global recognition for their amazing products originally developed by Dr. Cevdet Tuna, one of Turkey's first doctors, and continued by his grandsons, Emre and Sinan.  FARMASi complies with strict European regulations therefore the products are held to the highest standards.  These regulations guarantee the safety of all ingredients in the restriction of toxic chemicals, authentic testing of the efficacy of their products and clear and concise labeling.  Join me in discovering their amazing, affordable professional makeup, natural skincare lines, organic Nutriplus health products and natural home care products at

Clean Makeup




How is FARMASi makeup different?  FARMASi complies with the strictest European standards which don't allow harsh, toxic chemicals in cosmetics.  This means you are guaranteed safe, clean, natural products that won't harm you or the environment.  The formulas are innovative and designed to please both makeup pros and enthusiasts alike.  They are also very affordable so won't break the bank.  You'll appreciate them if you're a natural health buff.  Find all their products at:





Dr. Cevdet Tuna was one of Turkey's first doctors!  He established one of the first pharmaceutical factories in Turkey over 70 years ago.  He actually formulated some of the first Turkish medicinal products in the country, including cough syrup, painkillers, burn ointment, and cough lozenges.  He entered the health & beauty industry in 1950 and founded FARMASi based on his strong ethics of quality control from the raw material to the finished product.  His two grandsons have committed themselves to continuing his legacy by perpetuating his values with respect to nature, authenticity, quality, trust, and family.


Dr. C. Tuna's entire skincare line does not contain heavy metals, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, GMO's or any other ingredients toxic to our organs, health and planet so you can be sure they are clean and safe and won't create any future health problems.  He has eight skincare lines to target every skin problem, including two that target aging, and five series of hair care products that tackle everything from damage to thinning.  He also offers a Massage Series to kick any stress you're carrying back to the curb!  All of these products can be found at


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