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About Me

Gail Estelle Meaker, Certified Style Coach TM, MIASC*

I am a Certified Style Coach TM trained by the International Style Coaching Institute TM based in Cheltenham, UK.  Style Coaching TM is more holistic than image consulting in that it teaches the importance of accepting the things we can't change and working on the things we can in an environment free from judgement, criticism and blame.


 Style Coaches TM want you to look good, feel great, and live your best life.  I work hard every day to do just that. 

*Member, International Association of Style Coaches TM (IASC)

A Wardrobe Detox will give you a wardrobe that works for you and your lifestyle.


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A Personal Styling Session will help you uncover your Figure & Personality Type

      Makeup Sessions
learn the anti-aging techniques and products that maintain youthful skin.

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