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The Best Hairstyle For Your Profile

Choosing the best hairstyle for your profile can be daunting. How many times have you changed your hairstyle, only to find it doesn't flatter you? People are always saying you look just like a certain celebrity, yet her hairstyles aren't working for you. What's with that?

Believe it or not, it's your face shape. Hairstylists are trained to know what is best for you based on the shape of your face. That's why they often cringe when you bring them a picture and politely try to steer you in another direction. I had one longtime hairstylist tell me she didn't know how to do it. She was the owner of the salon, so I knew very well that wasn't true.

So what are the best styles for your profile? Here is what I have been told:


This is the ideal face shape, and the base upon which every other style sets out to achieve. If you have an oval face, you can wear pretty much any hairstyle you like. If your face seems a little long to you, however, just have your stylist cut a fringe (bangs). (Check out Tyra Banks' latest style.) This will visually draw your face up and add width. A center part can look great on an oval face, but only if your hair is not too long and poker straight. This may actually draw down your face. It's best to add side waves to create softness and width if a center part and a long length is what you want. An oval face shape also does well with a bob if paired with a side part to draw the eye upwards.


A round face shape needs to create length to draw the eye away from the fullness of the cheeks. To achieve this add angles around the face with an asymmetrical style or a layered cut. This face shape works best with a side part. You can do a more elongated layered style to draw the eye down and away from the sides. (See Drew Barrymore.)


People often mistake this face shape for round but what sets it apart is the long angled chin. Move all of your hair off your face. Is your forehead wide and your chin long and pointed? It almost resembles the shape of a heart. (Look at Reese Witherspoon.) So, how can you achieve more of an oval? You need to offset your chin's angles and fill them in. The easiest way to do this is with curls or waves on the jawline. A side part works very well with this face shape as well because it draws the eye upwards towards the top portion of your face. Like the round face shape, a heart has more width at cheek level so be careful not to add waves or texture here. A pixie haircut can work well with a heart shape but be sure to wear a side part to detract from your long chin.


No one really wants to be square so most people seek help with this face shape. A bob that ends at the chin is perfect. Ask your stylist to taper it as this is an effective way to draw attention away from a severe jawline. Any style that curves creates an illusion of softness. The classic shag is also a good bet for a square face shape as the layers nicely soften the jawline. (Think Lisa Rinna.)

Wearing a new hairstyle should be a positive experience. Knowing your face shape and what suits it helps to avoid any unpleasantries. Or any dread you may have about making that appointment. Do some searching on the Internet and download some hairstyle apps. There are hundreds of hairstyles you can try on your own picture so you can see what flatters you and what doesn't. Have fun with it!

Bliss & Bling Blog: The Best Hairstyle For Your Profile

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