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Velvet Is It

Velvet is having a resurgence this Fall, in everything from blazers to undergarments.

Last year I wrote about it but this year it's become a wardrobe staple. And now that we're all over the shock of seeing it in our retail store racks, I'm hopeful you are ready to embrace it. Or, at least add a bit of it to your wardrobe. Here are a few suggestions for pairing velvet with your everyday wardrobe items.

Velvet Blazers. Velvet doesn't have to be saved for Christmas or special occasions. You can pair velvet blazers with jeans to amp up the casual look of denim; or wear them with pencil skirts to go to work. Add a patterned pashmina or scarf to tie everything together. They're not overly dressy now and can provide much needed warmth in cold weather.

Velvet Dress Pants. Granted, these are a little more dressy than polyester so you may want to tone them down a bit with casual shirts and sweaters. Tunics work well for this, as well as button-down shirts with a bit more length. High-low hems work great as well. Steer clear of high-gloss fabrics in your shirts if you want to maintain a casual look and get more wear out of any pants you choose in velvet fabrics.

Velvet Tank Tops. More versatile than you might think, velvet tank tops are truly casual chic. They are great paired with turtlenecks, which are a trend again this Fall. The perfect pairing with jeans, leggings, or pretty much any other pant. They are the perfect capsule wardrobe item that you will want to mix and match with all your other wardrobe basics. Add a jean jacket to tone down the look even further.

Velvet Leggings. I tried some on last year and they felt absolutely amazing! Pair them with a sweater tunic or under a shirt-dress with some over-the-knee boots. Leggings are still a North American wardrobe staple and aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Velvet leggings add more warmth in cold weather and amp up your outfit a little so definitely give them a go!

Velvet Hoodie and Pant Sets. Not your grandmother's jogging outfit, velvet hoodies and pants can be mixed and matched with jeans, turtlenecks, camisoles and jean jackets. Everything you wear with your other hoodies can be mixed and matched with a velvet set.

Velvet on Shirts, Tees, and Sheers. So pretty! Velvet appliques with sequins and beading sewed onto netted tops or added to sheer material look amazing! You will be seeing them again this year and you can literally pair them with everything.

Velvet on Shoes. Velvet is still figuring prominently in some brands of athletic shoes. This year they are a little subtler, except for the neon variety. They really make a statement when paired with dresses and trenches.

Velvet Accessories. This year we will be seeing more velvet in hats, headbands, and belts. We are seeing them in ties on chokers and hanging in strings from earrings.

Velvet is no longer perceived as "fancy" fabric. In today's world of highlighter, glitter and bling, velvet is just a notch lower than embellishment. Don't be afraid of it. Wear it with confidence and amp up your wardrobe (just a little bit).

Bliss and Bling Blog: Velvet Is It

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