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Updated: Apr 24, 2023

One of the most common things I hear from clients is that their closet is bursting and they're afraid to go shopping because they know exactly what will happen. They are going to add more to their wardrobe! Women in particular often feel empty when they leave a department store with no shopping bag and this is a huge part of the problem. They have to buy something, even though they don't need anything, just to feel that the day wasn't wasted!

Guilty feelings are usually the result of this and it totally ruins what could have been a pleasant experience, so we really need to get a grip on this insanity!

Step one is to pare down our wardrobe so we can easily see what we actually need and get rid of that guilt ASAP! Let's haul out some garbage bags, label them "Donate", "Consign" and "Trash" and remove duds from our closet so we can feel better about shopping again.

Once we've done this we'll need to do a little soul searching to ascertain how our closet got that way in the first place. The most common reason is we're afraid to throw anything away. We've paid a lot of money for our clothes so we may be hanging on to them longer than we should. If we're keeping something because we paid large for it, we can take it to a consignment shop and get some of our money back. If we didn't, we can give it to someone less fortunate. Anything too worn or beyond repair can be thrown out or used as rags.

There are many reasons why our closets become overcrowded but the ones listed below are noteworthy to wardrobe experts. If you can try to refrain from doing any of these your closet will be clutter-free and filled with things that suit your lifestyle, figure and personality.

  1. Purchasing Multiples of One Item. I know that t-shirt fits perfectly and comes in a plethora of jewel tones, but seriously. Do you really need a ceiling-high stack of them? You don't. Buy one of each in black and white, or a colour you can mix and match, but try not to buy one in every dye-lot.

  2. Buying Something Because It's A Bargain. You remember what the original price was. It's now down to nothing. That's great. Was it something you really needed but couldn't afford at the time, or are you buying it only because you know its' true value? Closets tend to become over-filled with bargains that are never worn. Try to resist making these types of purchases if the items are not high on your priority list.

  3. Impulse Buying. That outfit is absolutely fabulous! Those shoes are statement pieces! I know because I've done it and more often than not they gathered dust in my closet. We've all experienced the rush of excitement that comes from purchasing an opulent garment, and the ensuing guilt because our lifestyle never presents an opportunity to wear it. It's wise just to admire it, then move on.

  4. Retail Therapy. You've had a really bad day. You need some TLC. A little shopping will do the trick. You'll feel so much better afterwards. We all do it and usually regret it. Trust me, you're going to remember that rebound outfit and probably won't want to wear it much.

  5. Fast Fashion. If you're buying a lot of fast fashion you're doing yourself an injustice. Fast fashion is extremely inexpensive for some rather disturbing reasons. It's curated in sweat shops. The quality is sub-standard. There's far too much in our landfills. Not a good idea. And because it's marketed at such a low price-point, you're going to buy more than your closet can handle. Why not buy quality rather than quantity? Save a bit longer and treat yourself to some quality fabric that feels amazing the minute you put it on.

When it comes to creating and maintaining a functional wardrobe, less is more. It feels great to have a closet full of beautiful clothes you actually wear, and it's easy to create when you practice a few guidelines and purchase items that you feel comfortable wearing, fit well, and suit your lifestyle.

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