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Essante Organics is an amazing company based in Phoenix, Arizona that prides itself on offering only USDA Certified Organic and toxic-free products, including alkaline products that greatly benefit the body, and household products that create a healthy home environment.  The difference about this company when you compare it to all the others is that they use only whole foods in their supplements which are much more nutritious, and they offer wildcrafted products that are harvested sustainably, respectful of the natural resources and the indiginous cultures they are sourced  from.  The benefits of these products are profound and can be life-changing so definitely join me in discovering them and feeling amazing!


You can literally live life toxic-free by switching all your household and beauty products to USDA Certified Organic Essante Organics! 

See how at

Citrus Fruits

We've all heard them say "you are what you eat" and what you put on your body is just as crucial.  Detoxify your body inside and out with chemical-free body products and the 100% pure organic essential oils offered by Essante Organics at

Green Juices
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