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Did you know it only takes 26 seconds for the toxic chemicals in your personal care products to enter your skin, bloodstream, and organs?  The average person puts 120-200 toxic ingredients in their system every single morning by way of their toxic shower, hair, and skin products.  Most products legally contain ingredients that cause hormone disruption, organ toxicity and cancer! 

So what's the solution?  Because most of the products on our drugstore shelves are not regulated, it's up to us to do our homework and make better choices.  This becomes so much easier when USDA Certified Organic and toxic-free products are readily available.  Essante Organics products contain whole food ingredients that come from USDA Certified Organic farms in the U.S. that utilize pesticide-free farming practices so every ingredient is 100% free from harmful toxins. Ingredients not noted as organic are wildcrafted, the sustainable practice of respectfully harvesting uncultivated and natural resources from their indigenous, pesticide-free habitat for medicinal purposes. The food products are Certified Non-GMO.  Their plastic containers are BPA-free and the packing peanuts are vegetable based and completely biodegradeable.  Children love watching them disappear in water!

You can clear the toxins from your body and feel energized and healthy when you consume any of the pH balanced, alkaline products in the Essante Organics lineup of pH Nutrition.  Check out all their amazing products at  You'll be glad you did!

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