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The Full Story

 About Me!

My passion for fashion began at a very young age when I would watch my mother get all dolled up for my father's company Christmas party each year.  My eyes lit up when she would bling herself up from her hair right down to her toes!  I knew one day my calling would be to help other women look the same way.  My formal training was completed in 2014 when I received an Honours Diploma in Professional Style Coaching TM after several different career paths spanning from human resources to the legal field, and I haven't looked back since.  I am Certified, Licensed and Accredited by The Style Coaching Institute TM based in Cheltenham, U.K. and The International Association of Style Coaches (IASC) and trained in all aspects of personal styling, figure analysis, personality profiling, personal shopping, body image coaching, skincare and makeup.



My Mission as a Certified Style Coach TM is to encourage everyone I meet to love the skin they're in and live their best life, accept the things they can't change and change the things they can from a holistic point of view free from criticism and blame.  I wish for  everyone to 

feel good within so they can shine without.


My Vision is for women of all ages to feel relevant, worthy and beautiful regardless of educational background, culture, size and unhealthy social media beauty standards.

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