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Thoughts Become Things

Whatever you focus your thoughts around, that's what you bring into being. That is your existence. That's where your feelings lie. Whatever you think about most, that is what turns into form.

If you believe in God, or the "Source", or the "Creator", you know everything began with an idea. All life, all things, began as a thought, an idea, a visualization that eventually turned into form.

In order for an idea to be realized, there must be a will, or intention. The will for it to come to fruition. The intention to see the result. Thoughtful intention creates the result.

We are all part of Creation. We were intended into being. We were idealized. Visualized. We became form. This is the Law of the Universe. This is the way that it works. And that being the case, it's easy to recognize that thoughts really do become things.

You are also a creator. You are turning your thoughts into things. In fact, you are doing it without even realizing it. As a part of, not apart from, the universe, you have the same power and ability. The things you spend most of your time thinking about are constantly materializing around you. Your energy is spent creating the thoughts you eventually bring into being.

What you need to ask yourself now is, is this what I want to be seeing? Is my life the way I want to be living? If your life is filled with things you don't want, it's because you're thinking about things you don't want, rather than things that you do. This must definitely stop. Here's where you must change it up.

Begin first by becoming aware of everything you think. Change every negative, unwanted thought into something more positive and fulfilling. When something unwanted pops into your head, change it immediately to something you do want. Replace every negative with a positive, every fear into an accomplishment. Visualize yourself as a winner. Feel like you've already made it. Act like you're already doing it. Close your eyes. You're on that cruise ship. Touch that sports car. You already own it. Think it. Intend it. Feel it. Own it.

You've got it! Now prepare to enjoy it!

Bliss & Bling Blog: Thoughts Become Things

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