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Accessorize & Define Your Style!

Accessorizing is the most budget-friendly way to update your wardrobe and showcase your personal style. The types of accessories you can choose to do this are limitless. From pashminas and jewellery to belts and shoes, every piece you choose speaks volumes about your unique style personality. And today there are no strictly defined rules to follow. You can do "less is more" or you can pile them on. Whatever you choose is your "signature".

Below are some suggestions you may have been reluctant to try. Why not experiment? Try to have fun with them! Step out of your comfort zone and add something completely different you never before would have considered!

Add a Hat! Depending on your face shape, a hat can add width or length. It can also communicate something special about your personality. Try several different styles and see the effect it makes. Hats are in vogue again so don't be afraid to wear them. There's no need to limit them to cold weather days or the beach!

UnRetired Style Blog: Accessorize & Define Your Style

Wear Sneakers! With something unorthodox. A mini skirt. A midi. A pair of culottes or capri's. They're no longer "geeky". They're trendy. They are the latest expression of individuality. Try a pair and you'll see what I mean!

Scarf It! A lot of women believe they are aging but that is just not the case today. Scarves and pashminas are being worn at every age. They amp up a dull outfit and tie everything together. Add a pastel one to your white button-down. Pair a bold one with a denser print. They are not your grandmother's cold-weather hat! They truly are city-chic!

Layer On The Jewellery! Don't be afraid to layer different styles and colours. Fine jewellery can be combined and layered quite successfully with larger pieces. Switch them up with different styles and colour combinations for a whole new effect each time you wear them. Really make you outfit POP!

Watch It! Watches are no longer basic time pieces. There are so many amazing styles and colours available to mix and match around your wardrobe, why wouldn't you use them as functional fashion accessories?!

Add Stylish Eye Glasses! Prescription glasses are now recognized as fabulous fashion accessories. Many prominent fashion houses are now offering prescription glass frames to their iconic product lines. They are available in so many colours and styles today, you'd be foolish not to add several to your accessory arsenal!

Wear Blingy Shoes! Adding eye-popping shoes to a casual outfit is a trend celebrity "It" girls are famous for. Pairing jeans with hot pink or red dress shoes is a common trick for amping up a traditionally casual look. Lately we're seeing pairings of shoes with rose gold plating as well. Shoes previously saved for New Year's Eve are now common core.

Bow Ties & Brooches. The bow tie is back! Who'd have thought that? No longer thought prim or just for men, they're funky and fun! Add them to a white button-down. Considered street style now you will soon see them on just about everyone! Why not put one on now and get ahead of the trend!

Bliss & Bling Blog: Accessorize & Define Your Style

You get the picture now! Let your creative juices flow! It's so rejuvenating to go against the flow! Express your individuality. Showcase your personality. Let everyone see the fashionista that is dying to jump out of you!

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