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I don't know about you but I'm ready for spring and everything that goes with it. Once the mood hits I'm ready for spring cleaning, and I am definitely not talking about housework! I want to go shopping and fill my closet with all the latest!

First things first. What was on the catwalks? I want to know what to expect as far as trends go so I can add new colours, styles and accessories to my wardrobe. That is my job after all. To do a bit of research and tell you what I've come up with. Are you ready? Let's go!

ALEXANDER McQUEEN will be ballooning the arms of her coats this spring, as this trend resurfaced last Fall. She will also be incorporating ruching into some of the arms to add a little flair. Her dresses will feature fit and flare silhouettes with tie-dyed splashes of royal blue and pale yellow. Some of her dresses will feature fitted bodices with ballooning skirts and handkerchief hems. The trenches will be full-length. The trousers will be fitted. Anything oversized will be featured in her moto jackets, which she will pair with tulle skirts just for fun. She will also do sheer skirts with horizontal satin panels, and fit and flare skirts with matching sweatshirt-style crop tops and lace detail. There were a lot of denim and leather dress pairings on her S/S runway for her rocker fans, and dresses with corset bodices and fringed skirts for glamour buffs. Alexander McQueen's 2022 Spring/Summer collection is quite youthful overall, inspiring us to take a few risks this coming summer!

CHLOE's S/S 2022 collection gave me a more earthy vibe. It featured a lot of creamy white flowy floor-length skirts with fringe and coats to match, pants with fringed hems, tops with floor-length tassels attached at the waist, pretty lemon-yellow pantsuits with slim-fitting legs, fitted floor-length dresses with broad shoulders and cut-outs at the sides, ankle-length knit skirts with matching tube-tops, patchwork prints in ankle-length dresses in muted colors, pretty multi-coloured crochet dresses and beach dresses, perfect for strolling along the shore. There were also some more classic dresses with gold eyelets strung with laces, and most note-worthy, peasant-inspired dresses with knit bodices and extreme drop-waist skirts made of fine linen. I haven't seen anything quite like them in my lifetime! In addition to this were some floor-length Mexican-style poncho's with added fringe in pastel blue, and some in bold orange. CHLOE did not make use of the oversize trend in the trousers on their S/S 2022 runway, however they did pair oversized jackets with a selection of fitted pants. Their entire spring collection had a resort feel to it. Very comfortable, breezy, and definitely wearable.

FENDI really amped up their S/S 2022 runway collection with an extensive collection of beautifully-tailored panelled pantsuits which featured oversized wide-legs, flowy fabric, and large lapels. There were pleated skirts and trenches which were mid-length. Dresses had 1920's fringe. Gowns of satin in pastel shades with diagonal stripes. Mini-dresses with matching thigh-high boots. Other mini-dresses with draped, high collars in shimmering pale golds. Glittering black sheer dresses and skirts. A plethora of faux fur. It was quite a show! How will this translate to everyday? Let's see. The pantsuits can be worn in the evening, or to a wedding. Pleated skirts can be worn to work, or paired with jean jackets. Mini-dresses can be worn on date night. Black sheers? Put on a camisole and off you go!

MICHAEL KORS. As always, his collection is totally functional. This spring he is featuring the trendy bra top. They were all out in full view on the S/S 2022 runway. Paired with fit and flare leather skirts. Crop tops and tailored shorts. Deep-V halter tops and A-line skirts with wide belts. MICHAEL KORS likes to add comfort to classics and this spring it's all about that. There are some stunning leather dresses with cutouts and high slits. Pedal pushers with matching tailored jackets. 1960's-style classic button-downs that go with everything. Pretty white lace short sets and separates, and lace sundresses with spaghetti straps. Black and white checkered shirts, skirts, and shorts for creating amazing capsule wardrobes. This collection took me back to Audrey Hepburn's days when clothing was classic but free-spirited. Really refreshing. I love it.

PRADA's S/S 2022 runway show was hard to decipher. It definitely featured practical garments, as always. They paired leather moto jackets with mini skirts in usual fashion. The black tops paired with pink satin mini skirts were bold and interesting. Lots of long open-back dresses with elasticized waists that looked comfortable. Satin midi dresses with back slits, some in bright orange. Square necks were featured as well. Every skirt had an attached rectangular-shaped panel that dragged on the floor. I'm not sure what to make of that. There were also jackets with grommets and lacing, which is the latest trend, and sweaters with that feature as well. The chosen colour pairings for the spring season are also interesting. Magenta and bright yellow I'm not in favor of, but maybe others are. As far as accessories go, belts are right up there in Prada's world. All the models had them strapped to their upper arms. Miucca Prada and Raf Simons always were a little quirky. I'm never sure how to classify their outfit offerings but taken separately, each piece can be easily worked into an everyday wardrobe and that's what matters.

VALENTINO's S/S 2022 runway show featured glorious splashes of colour, from one extreme to the other! Bright, shiny neon fabric in yellow and purple, often worn together, and jewel-toned fuschia and magenta layered on royal blue. The fabric was shiny, shimmery, and sheer. The overall colour scheme was a testament to neon, and garments were layered, draped and topped with floor-length capes. There was a notable clashing of colour like nothing I've ever seen. You can pretty much wear any colours together if you're a fan of VALENTINO and they most definitely did!

If you look at the major players on the Spring/Summer 2022 runways it's pretty clear there is going to be an explosion of fabric and colour in the stores this coming summer!

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