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Animal, Not Minimal

There's an animal on the loose again. In fact there's quite a few! Animal prints are back and they're bigger than ever. They used to be worn only by aristocrats, or women who were fairly mature. Now they're worn by almost everyone, from Twenty-Somethings to Generation-Xers to Boomers.

What is this new fascination with animal prints that once the young wouldn't dare wear? Well, thanks to the bold and brash fashion industry, they're now viewed as totally "on trend". Not only have they been trending for awhile now, they seem to have become a wardrobe staple, so if you plan to add them to your wardrobe soon, you will need to become familiar with how to style them.

1. Long coats and vests. Animal prints on long coats make a pretty strong fashion statement so you won't have to add too much to them. Keep the items you pair them with neutral and solid, rather than patterned (preferably).

2. Animal prints on scarves and blanket wraps. Great to pair with wool trench coats or leather moto jackets. Trench coats should be in solid colours.

3. In blouses. Animal prints look great with slim-fitting wool trousers or black jeans. You can also pair them with the new "oak buff" shade this year, which is a mustard or golden yellow.

4. Animal prints on pants look great with satin pussy-bow blouses and tunic sweaters. I have even seen them paired with horizontal-striped tops on people who are boldly creative.

5. In skirts I've seen animal prints paired with leather coats, in both long and cropped jackets and moto's. So hot!

6. Animal prints on shoes, both pumps and flats, can be worn next to anything solid, from faded jeans to leather pants to little black dresses.

7. Handbags in animal prints are statement pieces, not just adding to but making the outfit.

Animal prints will always raise eyebrows, and so they should! Rock them! Have fun with them! Trust me. They're here for good!

Bliss & Bling Blog:  Animal, Not Minimal

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