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When You've Already Got It All

Your closet is bursting with previous years' fashion so you really don't need to buy more. You like to stay current, or reasonably up-to-date, so people don't mistake you for someone older. What to do?

The easiest and most cost-effective way to update your wardrobe is to tweak a few items you already own just a little. I have listed a few ideas for this season below.

1. Wear Your Black Suit Jacket with Everything. It's considered quite chic this season to drape them over your shoulders and pair them with all your casual clothing (including jeans).

2. Cuff Skinny Jeans. Don't throw them out just yet. Roll the hems up to the new cropped length, an inch or two above the ankle.

3. Dig Out Your Old Jean Jackets. Pair them with long tunics and dresses. Roll up the sleeves and you're set.

4. Keep the Button-Down Shirts You Wore to Work. Just cuff the sleeves and wear them more casually.

5. Tuck Your Button-Down Shirt Half-way Into Your Pants. Let them hang out over the side and the back.

6. Tie Your Button-Down Shirt Around the Front of Skirts and Pants. Another casual look for after work.

7. Pull Out All Of Your Scarves From Years Past. Wrap the large ones around your shoulders or your neck. Make bandanas out of the small ones and wear with button-down shirts.

8. Wear Denim on Denim on Denim. That's right. Wear denim shirts with denim pants and denim vests for the top to bottom trend.

9. Turn Dresses into Skirts by Adding Sweaters. Wear light pullover sweaters over dresses to create new outfits. Add scarves to your neckline here as well.

10. Now Dig Out Your Old Floppy Hats and You're Set! Wear them with every outfit you created above.

There are so many tweaks and tricks you can use to create a new wardrobe. Be creative and you'll see what I mean!

Bliss & Bling Blog: When You've Already Got It All


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