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Statement Lipstick

Did you know your go-to lip shade makes a statement about your personality? The colour you feel most comfortable wearing speaks volumes about what you're made of.

Crimson and Berry. If you wear these shades you are an individual. You choose them because you don't like anything ordinary. You are focused and centered and don't waste time on triviality. You admire Madonna and Angelina Jolie. Your style personality is Creative.

Classic Red. You're a '50's girl. You mentor Claudette Colbert, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marilyn Munroe. You have a refined look and want to stick with it. You are sultry, chic and demure. Your style personality is Classic.

Purple and Black. You're Gothic and trendy and matter-of-fact. You are secure in your own identity and love to stand out. You will stand up for your rights and never back down. You can relate to Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga. Your style personality is a mixture of Creative and Dramatic.

Pink and Lavender. You are intelligent, understated and romantic. You adore silk and satin and cashmere. Your inspiration comes from Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston. Your style personality is a combination of Natural and Romantic.

Nude. You are witty, honest and self-disciplined. You shy away from drama and like routine. Never over-the-top, you hover in the background. That's where you feel the most comfortable. Your celebrity style icons are Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez.

Go ahead! Try a different shade than you're used to! You'll feel like a completely different person! And that's good!

Bliss & Bling Blog: Statement Lipstick

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